Pornography Addiction - It's a problem...

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Pornography Addiction - It's a problem...

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Jeff is frustrated. Jeff is depressed. He doesn't want to look at porn. He's managed to not look at porn for three days, but tonight for some reason, almost against his will, he feels compelled to sit down in front of his computer. He has the urge to look at porn. He clicks to open his browser. Porn makes him feel guilty. That guilt in turn triggers him to watch more porn.

Maybe Jeff is you. Maybe you've tried hundreds of times to stop, but you just can't. Maybe this is the first time you've ever made an effort to stop. Maybe you have a loved one who you want to help stop.

Sexuality is everywhere. It's in our music, our movies and television, and in the commercials and ads on Facebook. High speed Internet access has made pornography free and easier to get than ever before.

Life is better without porn

Even in our secular society many are noticing the frightening side effects of Internet pornography. Unconnected relationships, self-esteem issues and poor sexual performance. More and more non-religious websites (such as are dedicated to encouraging people to stop porn addiction. Stopping a porn addiction increases self-confidence, restores a healthy sex life in marriage, and enables more genuine relationships with those closest to us.

Besides these physical benefits, overcoming porn addiction is essential to restoring a strong, healthy relationship with our Creator God. Sins like porn addiction and lust separate people from God. Repentance (a true change from sinful behavior to godly behavior) will enable you to have a deep, personal relationship with God.

It's hard to quit

Wanting to overcome is easy. Actually overcoming a sexual addiction is hard. Porn rewires your brain. The chemicals released while viewing porn are so psychologically addictive that porn addiction has been compared to heroin addiction. It can seem impossible to stop.

With God, you can overcome

With God's power and influence in your life, you can stop a pornography addiction. You can overcome! You can break free from sexual addiction. You can regain meaningful relationships with God and with others. You can live your life without the shame and guilt that pornography brings. To accomplish this enormous, life-changing task though, we need help. We need God.

Jesus said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).

God wants you to break free of your pain. God wants to wipe away the pain of addiction. He sent His son to die to bring you out of a sinful life (John 3:16).

With strength from God, a lot of bravery, hard work, and with support from others, you can use this booklet to gain traction in your fight. This booklet is about understanding what porn does to your brain and how it affects you, and it will give practical ways to fight and overcome. You can use it not just to overcome pornography addiction, but also to wipe away sexual lusts and to regain a pure mind.

If you know someone who struggles with pornography addiction, you can use this booklet to better understand how to support them and help them through their trial. You, with God's power and your loved one's desire to change, can make all the difference in their life.

Break free and live a transformed life

Jeff is sitting at his computer. His cursor hovers above the address bar. Before he starts to type in his favorite adult website address, he stops. He reaches out to God in prayer. With new resolve he closes the Web browser. He pushes his chair away from his computer. Jeff is overcoming. With God's love and guiding hand, he's turning his back on his former addiction. He's choosing a life of loving obedience to His heavenly Father and enjoying the benefits of a life free from sexual addiction.

Make a commitment now

You can also make the choice to overcome. God wants you to break free from porn addiction. There is nothing that you can't do if God desires it. He is waiting for you to make a commitment to do whatever it takes to make overcoming a reality.

As you read each chapter of this booklet, make God your partner in overcoming. Pray to Him and ask Him to strengthen you and open your heart to the truth of His Word in the Bible. You've take a big step in your journey to overcoming by reading this far. God's hand is outstretched, and He is ready to lead you to victory in overcoming pornography addiction.