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Should You Be Keeping God's Sabbath Day?

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Should You Be Keeping God's Sabbath Day?


Saturday is God's Sabbath Day, the weekly day of rest.  It has been since creation.  It's also the 4th Commandment. 

Has your church tried to tell you that it's been replaced by Sunday and the Sabbath has been done away?  The truth is that it was never changed!  Nowhere in the New Testament did Christ, the apostles, or Paul, say it was changed or replaced.  On the contrary, Christ said clearly not to think that - (NKJV quoted below) -

Mat 5:17 - "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.

Mat 5:18 - "For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.

Mat 5:19 - "Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches [them], he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

God gave the Sabbath Day for us. Too many of us live at a frantic pace, trying desperately to stay on top of everything we need to get done. It's no wonder we feel out of touch with our spouses, our families and even our Creator.  The Sabbath is God's remedy for our hurried and harried lives?

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Also, you can read (online or order) the United Church of God booklet - "Sunset to Sunset - God's Sabbath Rest".  You can access it by clicking the link below: