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This Week on Beyond Today: Quitting Christmas

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This Week on Beyond Today: Quitting Christmas


This week on Beyond Today…

I used to love Christmas. For me Christmas was very special, what a wonderful time of the year. And it wasn’t just the lights, it wasn’t just the gifts and family but for me it was more, it was more. I felt it had a special spiritual significance and I remember lighting the candles at the midnight church service, especially meaningful for me. Now my family, we did some of the Santa thing but my mom, she was the door decorator. She loved to get out in front of our house on our front door and she would make this beautiful decoration, maybe a manger scene or a beautiful shiny paper with the star of Bethlehem. It’s a beautiful thing, she loved doing that. But at the same time she emphasized the point of the season was about Jesus, that’s what it was supposed to be about. Then there came a time in my life when my perspective on Christmas began to change. I was challenged. I was challenged to find a place in my Bible where it told me to celebrate Jesus’s birth on Christmas.

Is there a place? Is it okay for me to choose what days and seasons honor God? Or does God specifically tell me how to worship Him? In fact another thought came to my mind. Does the Bible teach that I can do what I want as long as I have good intentions? 

Join Steve Myers as answers these questions regarding Christmas and its origins. Click here to watch this program:

The booklet offered on this program, Holidays or Holy Days: Does it Matter Which Days We Observe?, may be read online. Click here to do so: