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December 2021 Beyond Today Airing Schedule/Television Stations

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December 2021 Beyond Today Airing Schedule/Television Stations

Below and attached is the December, 2021, Beyond Today TV airing schedule for your congregation's bulletin. The listing includes the subject synopsis for each week. Please feel free to pass it along to your local member e-mail list. 

Beyond Today airs nationwide in the United States on the following broadcast television stations. Please note, there are some deletions and additions from last month:

Huntsville/Decatur/Florence – WHDF 15 CW, Sunday 6 a.m. CT
Mobile – WFGX 35 MY TV, Sunday 7 a.m. CT

Fort Smith/Fayetteville/Rogers/Springdale – KXNW 34 MyNetwork, Sunday 9 a.m. & 12 noon CT

San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose – KBCW 44 CW, Sunday 9 a.m. PT

Tallahassee/Thomasville – WTWC 40 NBC, Sunday 10 a.m. ET
Pensacola/Ft. Walton – WFGX 35 MY TV, Sunday 7 a.m. CT

Springfield/Decatur/Champaign – WICD 15 ABC, Sunday 10 a.m. CT

Kansas City – KCWE 29 CW, Sunday 9 a.m. CT

Oklahoma City – KSBI 52 MY TV, Sunday 9:30 a.m. & 3:30 a.m. CT
Tulsa –KMYT 41 MY TV, Sunday 8 a.m.

Dallas/Ft. Worth – KTXA 21 CBS, ­­­­Sunday 6:30 a.m. CT
Houston – KUBE 57.5 (over the air only) Independent, Sunday 10:30 a.m. CT

A complete station listing can be found online at which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, plus an additional eight U.S. cities where our program is sponsored and aired on cable access TV stations by our brethren.

You can also watch programs online at our website: and from our YouTube channel at

Beyond Today TV apps are available on Google Play for Android devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung smart TVs, LG smart TVs, and Apple iOS devices.

All the best,

Peter Eddington
Operation Manager
Media and Communications Services