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Bad Weather/Church Cancellation Policy

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Bad Weather/Church Cancellation Policy

When there is a threat of bad weather, we make the decision about cancelling services early Sabbath morning. Usually by 8:00 am.

This decision is based on how bad the weather is "at" the hall.

If we cancel services we make a series of phone calls , which should notify everyone within an hour and hopefully catch everyone before they leave for church.

Because of the nature of winter weather, we might cancel services only to find that we could have traveled after all. Perhaps the storm
breaks or there is less snow than expected. However, either way, we have to make a decision and sometimes we err on the side of caution.

The bottom line is that we obviously cannot decide for each of you whether or not you should travel. It is a personal decision you need to make.

Obviously, God expects us to be at services but we also need to be wise
concerning winter travel.