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Sabbath Services Webcast Options

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Sabbath Services Webcast Options

Saturday, October 02, 2021


Buford members are encouraged to attend live Sabbath services each week, but if they are unable, there are live webcast options.  There are two choices:

1)  From our home office in Cincinnati, which begins at 2:30 pm EDT.   The web address for the weekly Sabbath webcast from Cincinnati at 2:30 pm is -

2)  A local Atlanta/Buford Sabbath service will be webcast at 2:30 pm from the Atlanta meeting location.  Viewing of the local live webcast requires a weekly link (URL).  The link to this webcast will be included in weekly Sabbath announcements and the “Posts” section of this website.  Membership in the Atlanta or Buford “Community” is necessary for access to the local webcast link.