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This Week on Beyond Today - Aliens and the Bible: Are we really alone?

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This Week on Beyond Today - Aliens and the Bible: Are we really alone?


This week on Beyond Today…

Steve Myers: Are we alone in the universe? Nearly half of us, a recent survey found, actually believe in alien life. In fact, that’s what I found when I talked to quite a few people on the street the other day.

Person 1: Well if you look at the scientific probability, it’s got to be out there, it’s a for sure certain deal.

Person 2: It’s expands our universe. If there are aliens that means there’s uh the world that we see around us is more than just our immediate right here that it gives us a world where there’s more possibilities maybe.

Person 3: I guess I just think it’d be interesting if it turned out we weren’t the only ones. I mean, I don’t know I just think that’d be kind of cool.

Person 4: The mystery of space, it’s a mystery.

Steve Myers: It’s a mystery, all right. What about that mystery? In fact when you ask an astronomer, can you imagine what would be the number one question that an astronomer would be asked? Now they’ve done these surveys and you know what they found? Is there life out there? That’s the question most often asked. Have you ever wondered about it? Ever wondered if there’s intelligent life out there somewhere? Well today, we’re going to talk about that. Aliens in the Bible, are we really alone?

Join Steve Myers as he explores these questions on Beyond Today. This week’s program is entitled Aliens and the Bible: Are we really alone? You may watch this program here:

The literature offered this week is the booklet Life’s Ultimate Question: Does God Exist? You may access it here: