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This Week on Beyond Today: Who Will Be the Final Superpower?

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This Week on Beyond Today: Who Will Be the Final Superpower?


This week on Beyond Today…

Since World War 2, the United States has been the world’s greatest superpower. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 left the U.S. with unprecedented wealth, military power and influence in global politics with a large population, abundant natural resources and a massive industrial infrastructure. This is really important, a form of government that promotes peaceful transition of power. And that is very rare in history. This is all combined to propel this nation into becoming the most powerful superpower the world has ever seen.

Can the United States maintain this unprecedented economic and military power, or is a new super power going to rise? Is there a way for us to know who this superpower will be?

Want to know the answer to these questions? This week on Beyond Today, Gary Petty answers them. This week’s program is entitled, “Who will be the Final Superpower?” You can know the answer to this question. Take a break and watch here for these answers:

The literature offered on this week’s program, The Final Superpower. It may be read here: