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Recipes for Unleavened Bread

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Recipes for Unleavened Bread

Search through various, delicious recipes for unleavened bread, desserts, appetizers, breakfast, entrees and gluten free recipes.

These recipes have been collected from various church members in different congregations over the past several years.

You can access the unleavened recipes here: www.ucg.org/members/recipes/unleavened-recipes.

The website is mobile friendly for you to easily use your phone, tablet or laptop in the kitchen. There is also a print option if you would like to print any of the recipes. Be sure to leave a comment and let everyone know how the recipes you made turned out or what you made it for. If there is not a photo present for the recipe you plan to create, please take a photo of the final product (you can also include a few photos of the process of creating the recipe) and submit it to webmaster@ucg.org.

Some recipes are still in the process of being added so please come back and check often over the next week to see new recipes added. Have a wonderful Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread!

-- Linda Merrick, Associate Editor, Internal Publications