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Compass Check - Summer 2023

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Compass Check - Summer 2023

Compass Check - Compass Check: Summer 2023

It’s summer time. A favorite season for teens for two reasons: summer camp and no school. To be honest, I haven’t been a teen for decades and those are still two reasons I get excited for summer! This issue of Compass Check is full of articles to help you enjoy your summer and get ready for camp. One thing we can all use from time to time is encouragement. How can you best use your voice to encourage others at camp this year? And speaking of learning new things, how many of you have ever tried to make a clay pot on a potter’s wheel? It’s not as easy as it looks, but there are some valuable spiritual lessons in the process. In addition to all the fun summer brings, it offers some down time to do a little deep thinking. There is an increasing amount of danger in our world. What is going to happen to it—is there really a Doomsday? What about the effects of social media on my mind? Even if the world isn’t coming to an end, do I feel that way at times because of what I see on my phone? If I say something embarrassing online, does that define me for the rest of my life?  What really does define you, anyway? I hope this issue of Compass Check helps you as you prepare for the summer. If you are going to Camp Cotubic or Camp Pinecrest, I look forward to seeing you there. And whatever you decide to do this summer, I’ll be praying it helps you draw closer to God, meet new friends and add to your life’s experience with lots of fun this summer!