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Sabbath Bulletin 01/02/21

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Sabbath Bulletin 01/02/21


1:00 PM

Song Leader:

Mr. Erik Helwig


Mr. Mike Helwig
Hiding Behind the Bible


Mr. Dan Dowd
He That Has an Ear: Part 3


2021 Service Time Change
Effective today, Sabbath services (and the webcast) will begin at
1:00 PM.  We will be trying this new service time for at least a few months.  Please see Mr. Dowd if you have any questions.

Variety Video Viewing Event (VVVE) – Next Sabbath!
Verily, next Sabbath evening, we will voluntarily view a variety of videos as part of the Variety Video Viewing Event.  As a reminder, victuals will be in the form of self-volunteered “picnic” themed vittles.  Vacate your homes, venture in your vehicles, and visit us for the VVVE!

Congregational Bible Study
The next Congregational Bible Study is scheduled for January 16, 2021.

Beverages in Lobby
We have started placing water bottles and juice on the lobby table after services.  Please consider donating individual juice bottles or boxes to share with everyone.