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Sabbath Bulletin 01/23/21

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A Congregation of the United Church of God

Sabbath Bulletin 01/23/21

Service: 1:00 PM

Song Leader:

Mr. Erik Helwig

First Split-Sermon:

Mr. Russ Barnett
FHPC: Living God’s Way

Second Split-Sermon:

Mr. Mike Helwig
Minimum Requirements


Seeking Webcast Operator Volunteers
Due to anticipated changes in operator availability and the general desire to spread the workload more evenly, we are looking for additional volunteers to run the webcast.  If you feel comfortable with computers, you should be able to run the webcast with training.  If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please see Warner.

Beverages in Lobby
We have started placing water bottles and juice on the lobby table after services.  Please consider donating individual juice bottles or boxes to share with everyone.

Congregational Bible Study
The next Congregational Bible Study is scheduled for February 13, 2021.