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Join the Murfreesboro Online Community!

Our Murfreesboro congregation has migrated to its new mobile-friendly website. We invite you to go take a look if you haven’t already. While you’re there, we encourage you as a part of the Murfreesboro congregation to join our online Community. As a member of the Community, you can access private sermons and private posts (such as prayer requests) for our congregation. On Friday evenings, you’ll receive an email with a note from Mr. Petty, new information and sermons posted to our congregation website that week, and a list of events for the upcoming week. Also, with your UCG.org account, you can create a private Study List of content from throughout the UCG website.

To get started, 1) create or login to your UCG.org account, then 2) request to join the Murfreesboro Community. If you would like help, please contact a maintainer for this site.

  1. Create a UCG.org Account
    • Go to www.ucg.org. Click the “Sign In/Sign Up” button in the upper right corner. Complete the Sign Up fields, and click the “Create new account” button.
    • Check your email. The subject line will be “Take Action: Verify Your Registration for United Church of God”. (If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.) Click the link in the email to verify your registration.
    • You’re now logged into your account at UCG.org.
  2. Join the Murfreesboro Community
    • Go to https://www.ucg.org/congregations/murfreesboro-tn/community and click the green “Request Membership” button. (If you are not logged in, the green button will read “Login to Request Membership”.)
    • Click the brown “Join” button to confirm your request.
    • Once your request is approved, you’ll receive an email with the subject line “Your membership request was approved for ‘Murfreesboro, TN’”. (The link in the email will take you back to Murfreesboro's congregation website.)