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Announcement Bulletin for July 11, 2020

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A Congregation of the United Church of God

Announcement Bulletin for July 11, 2020



Announcement Bulletin for July 11, 2020



July 11, 2020

North Canton & Youngstown, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Wheeling, WV Congregations

United Church of God, an International Association

                North Canton: 2:00 PM, at home          Pittsburgh:2:00 PM at Deer Creek Church

Youngstown: 2:00 PM at Holiday Inn           Wheeling: 2:00 PM, at home

2:00 p.m. local webcast ->



(may be subject to change)

Sabbath, July 18

North Canton: TBA

Youngstown: TBA 

Friday, July 24

Friday night Bible study webcast – 7:30 PM (EDT) – Mr. Randy Stiver

Sabbath, July 25

North Canton: TBA

Youngstown: TBA 

*For Pittsburgh and Wheeling times, please see updates from Mr. Keith Wilson


Pastor’s contact information:  By mail: 2206 Eastwood Ave. NE, Massillon, OH 44646. Home phone: 330-809-0566, cell phone: 740-739-7248. Email  or (both come to the same location). For emails regarding scheduling (church events, visits or counseling), please copy my wife Linda Announcements should be sent to my email and copied to our daughter Amanda at as she helps process them each week.



(If you notice that your prayer request needs updating, please drop us an email or a call with an update. Thank you!)


  • Death of Jenny Luchitz – On July 7, our faithful sister in the faith and devoted sister in the Gabriele family, Jenny Luchitz, aged 93, died peacefully in her sleep at The Pines Healthcare Center in Canton, Ohio. She was a longtime member of the greater North Canton - Akron area congregation of God's Church. Jenny's faithfulness and dedication to God, His way of life and His Church were both profound and legendary among the brethren.

Please remember her family in your prayers for God's comfort. The immediate family includes her daughter Sharon Martel, sisters Rhoda Gabriele, Wanda Gabriele, Gloria-Jean DiChiara and Rose Price. She was preceded in death by one sister, Katie and three brothers, Michael, Armand "Gabe" and Joe.

Further details about Jenny’s life:

Cards may be sent to her daughter Sharon Martel:

7069 Meadowlands Ave. NW

Canton, OH 44720

Memorial service details will be announced at a later date.


  • Linda Ritter (North Canton) – Linda would appreciate your continued prayers for overall health improvement. 
  • Steve Richmond (Cambridge) – Steve continues to battle cancer, please keep him in your prayers.

2.      RE-OPENING SERVICES UPDATE (as of July 10)

Despite our best intentions (having hoped to open this Sabbath) we have had to postpone live services in North Canton due to the Level 3 COVID-19 emergency status of Summit county (where the Gateway Event Center is located), ongoing hall logistics, and recent COVID-19 (confirmed and suspected) cases in ours and surrounding church areas. This is a fluid situation and flexibility is going to be a great asset at this time. We’ll take live services in each area week-by-week, and keep you updated during the week. Thank you for your patience! 

The 2:00 PM webcast from the North Canton webcast page will carry on as usual at:


United States Feast Sites

At this time most of the U.S. Feast sites will be able to accommodate the registered number of people for that specific site. However, yet to be determined is whether social distancing will be mandated at some sites. There is also the possibility that some states might require wearing masks during Church services. Most sites plan to offer the normal social activities such as senior citizen banquets, teens and singles activities and family day options.

The first week of August, all U.S. sites will announce the details of expected restrictions, if any, and the schedule of activities so members can make a decision as to whether they want to attend that site under those conditions. Some members may prefer to attend a site that is more open and normal. Some members might feel safer at services where social distancing and masks are required. All that information will be available to review.

In conjunction with that information, members who do not want to attend their currently registered Feast site under those conditions will need to update their registration.

Three U.S. Feast sites are under consideration for cancellation or reducing attendance to accommodate social distancing. A decision on those sites will be announced next week, as negotiations are still in progress.

With a few hundred Americans not being able to attend the Feast internationally, it may be necessary to open up a couple of new sites. Right now there is enough room to accommodate all U.S. citizens. Montana, Texas and probably Daytona Beach have ample room for additional people and will probably be less restrictive at Feast time.

Webcasting daily live services will be available in at least two different time zones.


If your plans have changed and you definitely know where you want to attend, please update your registration.

  1. Log into the account which was used to register your household.
  2. Access your household's Feast registration in one of two ways:
    1. Locate your confirmation email (subject line "UCG Festival Registration Complete" or "UCG Festival Registration Submitted") for 2020 and click the link in the email. -OR-
    2. Click on your name in the upper right corner. In the box that appears, click the "My Registrations" link. Locate your Feast registration for 2020 in the list on the right and click the "View" link.
  3. Toward the middle of the page, click the "CHANGE SITES" link.
  4. In the "Choose Site" dropdown menu, select your new site. The selected site will appear under the "New Site" header on the right and will indicate how many spaces are available at that site.
  5. Scroll down under the site photos and click the "Change Sites" button. You'll be returned to your registration page, with your new site displaying at the top of the page.


It is with great regret that a decision has been made to close the Búzios Feast site in Brazil due to both current COVID-19 travel restrictions to Brazil as well as the continued postponement of facilities opening up in Brazil. However, we are pleased to announce that we have booked the same facility for next year's Feast, God-willing. The hotel has agreed to the same terms and conditions, and all who have booked this year will have their deposits valid for next year. For more information contact the festival coordinator, Jorge de Campos at


The first week of August, all Canadian sites will announce the details of expected restrictions, if any, and the schedule of activities so members can make a decision as to whether they want to attend that site under those conditions. Some members may prefer to attend a site that is more open and normal. Some members might feel safer at services where social distancing and masks are required. All that information will be available to review.


Given continued travel restrictions, as well as our limited human resources, we regret to announce that the Feast in France this year is unable to provide English translation of services, as well as make arrangements for shuttles and tours, and must thus request our international visitors to make alternate arrangements for the Feast this year. We are saddened by this necessary change, and look forward, God willing, to being able to host international brethren in France once again next year.


Due to travel restrictions into Europe, citizens from the United States may not be able to attend the Feast in Italy. Travel restrictions between Italy and the U.S. will be updated every two weeks on the Italy Feast webpage. Travel restrictions may ease in August, but with so much uncertainty those restrictions may continue into October.


We are asking members to focus their prayers on the Feast of Tabernacles planning. The situation remains fluid, but for those living in the United States there is still enough time to make adjustments if needed.

4.      UNITED YOUTH CAMPS – Teen Friday Night Bible Discussions

Our live Bible Study program for teens continues this Friday evening and every Friday evening throughout July. The password to get into the session will be the same as last Friday night but if you don't have the password, teens will need to get it from their pastor before signing on. Please do not share the password with anyone. The Bible Study video and Zoom discussion begin at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central or 7 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Mountain (pick your time). Log onto at one of these two times Friday evening on July 3. We hope these Bible studies and discussions will be a great way for our teens to learn about God and connect with each other.

-- Steve Nutzman/Teen Camp Directors


Thank you for taking the time to touch base after you read our “interactive” announcement last Sabbath. We’ll continue on with the present format. If you think of an idea or needed reminder to be included in the announcements, please let us know!



COVID-19 Links and Resources:

Ohio COVID-19 Risk Level Guidelines for the Public:




West Virginia:

UCG home office:

PHONE HOOK-UP to Home Office Webcasts

If you need a phone hook-up to the webcast services from Cincinnati (2:30PM on Sabbaths) here are the directions:

Please call no earlier than 5 minutes before the service will begin. If the Home Office has not activated the meeting, the caller will be put on hold, and then asked to call again later.

Normal Calling Directions for Home Office Webcast:

For those who can pay for long distance calls or have an unlimited phone calling plan:

Call: 1-508-924-1634

No access code needed.

If you know someone who could use the phone hook-up number, but does not get the announcements by email, please call them and pass along the information! Thank you!