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New Services Location

Greetings everyone!

We have been blessed with a beautiful new hall for our Sabbath services and activities each week.  Our "Hall Search Team" spent six weeks and inquired about approximately seventy-five possible properties before deciding on the Reedwood Friends Church. We want to thank the team very much for their work, but more than that we are thankful to our Heavenly Father for the blessing.

The facility has an open main hall with a soaring ceiling and grand piano, plus many other nice rooms that can be used for Bible Studies, clubs, and Sabbath School, and even a playground for the smaller ones. We appreciate the Reedwood Friends Stewards allowing us to use their building and we are committed to respecting the property and doing our part to maintain and take care of the building.

Services will be at the same time on the Sabbath--2:00 PM during Daylight Savings Time, 1:00 PM during Standard Time.

Warm regards to all,
Rex Sexton