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Fruit of the Spirit part 4: Goodness 

Feb. 15, 2024 





Gal. 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 

By way of introduction, Mr. Petty began in John 15:1-8, discussing the vine and the branches. He put great emphasis on this saying that it is absolutely necessary to be connected to the vine, and producing fruit is not an option for us, and the fruit will be the product of our relationship with God. 

We must be connected to the vine because all the nutrients come through the vine. And we cannot bear fruit if we do not abide in Christ – live in him, and he must live in us. Living in Christ also means that we will be resisting Satan, which can only come from God; we cannot do that by ourselves, Mr. Petty said. And by bearing much fruit we glorify God, and others will see the fruit by our actions. 


Some quotes I came across on goodness: 

  • Goodness is action. 

  • Overcome evil with good. 

  • It is about integrity of character. 

  • Actively doing good. 

  • A zealous activity to do good for another person’s benefit. 

  • Being energized to act in a benevolent way. It implies that one can demonstrate goodness when exhorting or rebuking when it is for someone’s good. 

Any other quotes? 



  1.  That last bullet is interesting because it compares to what Mr. Petty said – goodness in action, and standing up against ___        ____. 

Eph 5:1-11 [imitators of God. JC is the model] 


  1. V1 (write out)   _                                                                                                                                            __                                                                                                                                                    

V9- The fruit is active goodness. 

V10- Seek to find what is acceptable to God. 

V11- Expose works of darkness. 


  1. When you are actively good (for example, when you are honest, when you keep the Sabbath), you cannot _              __ _              __. 


  1. Sooner or later, you will have to confront evil if you are doing acts of goodness, because you cannot hide it. Can you give an example of when you have had to do this, confront evil because you were doing acts of goodness. 




This reminds me of Matthew 5: 14-16, about letting your light shine and not putting your lamp under a basket, and that the world should see our good works. 

Mr. Petty also spent a good amount of time on judgment and explaining what we could judge in light of the world believing " judge not, that you be not judged.” His question was, "So how can we practice active goodness if we cannot make a judgment that something is wrong?” 


  1. How can we practice active goodness if we cannot make a judgment that something is wrong? Matt 7:1-6, 15-20 [judge not that you be not judged] First, who's standards do we judge by? 




Judging right or wrong is different than ___________ ___________ (about 27 min). And before we pass judgment, who do we look at first? 



  1. Matthew 5: 6 Mr. Petty said this is, “One of the most judgmental statements in the Bible” Can you offer an explanation of what Mr. Petty meant by that? 



Do you have an example of how this (verse 6) may have happened at some point in your life? 



V15-20 [Good tree bears good fruit] Yes, we do make judgments on right and wrong, but we do not make an eternal judgment on anyone. To know them by their fruits - - that is a judgment. 

Active goodness is standing against evil, and it will produce good in the short-term or in the long run. (In the case of the ancient prophets, they are awaiting their good reward for standing against evil.) 


  1. What is the difference between Judgment and Condemning? Which is OK for us to do and which is not, and why? 



  1. Romans 12:17 to 21. [Don't repay evil for evil.] Yes, active goodness means feeding your ________.  

Example #1 

Matthew 21:12 [Jesus overturned tables and chased out money changers]. This is active goodness (and an act of violence) – by standing up against evil. 

We shouldn’t overturn tables or run sinners through with a spear. Our role is commandment-keeping. That said, how are we imitators of Jesus Christ (rhetorical question)?  

V14 The result–blind and lame were healed! Verse 15, they saw the wonderful things that he did. Actively standing up against evil brought goodness into the lives of others. There is a time to make a stand, and it’s also easy for us not to. 

Example #2 

Doing active goodness in the face of evil. 

Num 25:1- [story of Balaam, Moabites, Baal and open rebellion]. Open rebellion, and God is passing judgment. Verse 4. 

V11. Phineas saw God's law, and standard, and took action. He stood against evil. He had God's zeal. 

Feel free to share any comments or thoughts you have on this. 



Active goodness– 

  • There will be times when we must make a stand. 

  • Active goodness requires that we stand up against evil. 


  1. What was your takeaway from Mr. Petty's sermon, or the one thing you want to remember about this fruit of the Spirit?