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About the United Church of God - Redlands, California Congregation, WE ARE OPEN!

The United Church of God in Redlands is a part of the spiritual body of Jesus Christ and is a congregation within the United Church of God, an International Association with congregations in more than 40 countries. Together, we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God and serve the flock called by God the Father (John:6:44).

We strive to follow the example of the Church that Jesus founded in the first century A.D. as recorded in the Book of Acts. While saved by God’s grace alone, we do believe in the commanded observance of the biblical Seventh Day Sabbath. We also observe the seven annual holy days mentioned throughout the Old and New Testaments in the light of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and Second Coming. These Holy days give the overview of God’s plan of salvation for humanity.

Your response to this page is due to your interest in observing the Seventh Day Sabbath.

Listen to Pastor Webber expound Biblical Truth regarding the Seventh Day Sabbath in a seven part series, by clicking  New Covenant Realities and Christian Responsibility 

Our heartfelt desire is to worship God in spirit and truth (John:4:23-24). Therefore our doors are open, our Bibles are open and our hearts are open to receive His instruction. We invite you to worship with us each Sabbath and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (2 Peter:3:18).


Loma Linda Philipino SDA Church
11180 New Jersey St
Redlands, CA 91206
United States