Study Papers, In-depth doctrinal studies of specific topics

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A Congregation of the United Church of God

Study Papers, In-depth doctrinal studies of specific topics

Study papers and doctrinal statements are official Council of Elders documents that address common doctrinal questions. The study papers are comprehensive and well researched, and they represent the Church’s official teaching on these topics.


Are Our Children Called Now? 
Balloting in the Church 
Beginning of the Sabbath 
Born Again 
The Covenants of God 
Defining the Biblical Marriage Relationship 
Divine Healing 
Divorce and Remarriage Doctrinal Statement 
Exodus 34:22 and the Calendar 
Godly Governance 
Hebrew Calendar Summary 
Hebrew Calendar Doctrinal Statement 
Hebrew Calendar (Appendix) 
Interracial Marriage 
Jury Duty 
Passover in Your Home 
Last Great Day / Eighth Day  
Marrying Outside the Faith 
Music in the Bible 
New Testament Passover 
Night to Be Observed 
Passover of Exodus 12 
Passover of Exodus 12 (Appendix) 
Pentecost and Its Observance 
Preaching the Gospel 
Principles of Sabbath Observance 
Response to “A New Look at Prophecy” 
Should Christians Observe New Moons? 
The 70 Weeks Prophecy 
The Feast of Unleavened Bread 
The Nature of God and Christ 
II Thessalonians and the Man of Sin 
Tithing on Net Income 
Third Tithe 
Voting and Involvement in Politics