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North County Bible Study

Our next Bible Study is this coming Wednesday, April 10 at the Ed Brown Senior Center in Rancho Bernardo. Note this is Wednesday, not Tuesday. We will continue our discussion of the Sermon on the Mount and related scriptures, beginning with Matthew 5:10.

Mt5:10-12; Lk6:22-23,26 Luke doesn’t specifically mention persecution, but the principles seem to be the same. Some of the beatitudes are a bit negative (e.g. mourning), but nothing like these last comments. What was Jesus trying to say, and where else do we find this teaching?

Mt5:13; Mk9:49-50; Lk14:34-35 What is the analogy of salt telling us? Can salt lose its flavor? What other scriptures talk about salt, and are they relevant to what Jesus was saying here? Mark throws in a comment about peace. Is this related to being salt, or a separate comment?

Mt5:14-16; Mk4:21-22; Lk8:16; Lk11:33-35 How does the city on a hill analogy apply to us being a light? And how does the lamp under a basket apply? Mark and Luke 8 are given right after the parable of the sower is explained, and follow with a comment about secret things being revealed. Did Jesus use this analogy for a different purpose here? Luke 11 follows after comments about seeking a sign, and continues with comments about the eye being the lamp of the body. Again, is this a different point? And what is Jesus talking about here?

Mt5:16 says men should be able to see our good works. Mt6:1-4 says they should be done in secret. Contradiction? I’ve heard it said that lights don’t make noise. Men are to “see” our works, not hear us preach. Is this what Jesus meant? Are there any other verses on good works that you particularly want to share? What other verses tell us how we can glorify God.


Ed Brown Senior Center
18402 West Bernardo Drive
Rancho Bernardo Community Park
san diego, CA 92127
United States