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Faith Comes By Hearing ("Questioning God" by Joe Keirouz, Blog Post #45)

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Faith Comes By Hearing ("Questioning God" by Joe Keirouz, Blog Post #45)

Questioning God

By Joe Keirouz, (San Jose)


From my personal conversations with family members in addition to reading and listening to different people's perspectives, I have concluded that most people who claim to be non-believers are really ones who just don't agree with how our Creator is running the world.

No one denies the incredible complexity and order that is seen and understood in the world all around us, evidence that screams so loudly for a master designer to have put it together, and yet the most consistent counter arguments that I have heard was that there is too much pain and suffering in this world to be the product of that master designer! This pain and suffering can be divided into two general categories: the result of someone's evil actions or due to natural causes.

Evil can be defined as profound immorality or wickedness. There has been plenty of evil men throughout history. Examples being abuses that occur during wars, mass shootings that have been recently plaguing our nation or the taking advantage of innocent people. Estimates of more than 100-million deaths in the 20th century have been due to different government's crimes against their own people.

In regards to this topic, I recall the conversation that I had with a local member who said that a key to her conversion was imagining the world where everyone would keep God's commandments, and if one thinks about it, most of the evil committed is directly related to the breaking of the man to man portion of the ten commandments and would not exist if everyone kept the commandment to “do unto others what they would like others to do to them”. However, our Creator has given mankind the freedom to choose good or evil, and unless that choice is rescinded, or mankind willingly chooses to forsake evil, it will remain with us.

Among the natural causes of pain and suffering are disasters and diseases. Disasters can be shockingly devastating in loss of life and property damage. Two of the most violent ones in recent memories were the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, each with an estimate of more than 200-thousand dead. Diseases that affect innocent children would also fall into this category. And the natural question that is asked is if a loving God exists, why did He allow them? Unfortunately, there are no simple answers for this question to comfort the affected. To the believer, these conditions are a reminder of the futility and the bondage of corruption the creation has been subjected to since the sin of Adam and Eve (Rom 8:20-21).

It is natural for someone experiencing tragedy to question God's actions. During his trial, Job did that specifically, and who would blame him after losing his children and later his health. His attitude and perspective changed after God pointed out to him some of the details that needed to be covered in His creation that no one counseled Him about. When we feel discouraged, in doubt about trials that God has allowed in our lives, it may be helpful to review those creation details that were asked of Job to answer and be encouraged by God's greatness.

Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know what they are doing! The pain and suffering that has plagued this world will eventually be no more, and the world that mankind has longed for, a world without death, sorrow, crying or pain is promised to happen as the beautiful words of Rev 21:4 assure us. Let us ask and pray for God's help to keep the proper perspective as we journey through this physical life.