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Pentecost Holyday Offerings

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Pentecost Holyday Offerings

U.S. Holy Day Offering Procedures for Pentecost

Due to the restrictions placed on meeting together at this time, many congregations will not have face-to-face meetings this year for Pentecost. Here are three ways that you can conveniently make your Holy Day offering, if you will not be meeting in person.

Donate Online

Many members already use our website's online donation page at to give their Holy Day offerings when they are not able to be at those services--as well as their regular tithes and offerings. We have added Pentecost to the donation page; it will remain on the page for about a week after the Holy Day, so you will be able to make your offering online, if you prefer.

If you are new to online donations, we have produced a video that walks you through the process:

If you use the online option, please note the following:

a) Please include your PIN (the number that begins with "U" on your green Holy Day offering envelopes, just above your name and address.) This greatly speeds up the processing here at the home office. When a PIN is omitted, it requires extra work on the part of the personnel here at the home office to ensure the donation is being credited to you.

b) To optimize your offering, please use the "Online eCheck" option, which is the same as writing a check for your offering-because using your credit card for payment costs the Church around 3% of the donation amount to process.

Banking Bill Payment

Others may choose to use a "bill pay" service through their bank. Again, if you choose to pay this way, in the section for your "account number," please list your PIN and then, in addition, put H3 (Pentecost) after your PIN. This will help us credit the correct fund for your donation receipt.

Sent by Mail

For those who choose to mail their Holy Day offerings, please use the green Holy Day offering envelopes which were mailed to you earlier. Please use a separate check and envelope for each Holy Day offering. You will then need to place these envelopes into another carrier envelope and mail to the following address:

United Church of God - HDO
P.O. Box 541027
Cincinnati, OH 45254-1027

Thank you for your cooperation during these extraordinary times we find ourselves in this year.

--Ministerial and Member Services

Tutorial Video: How to Donate Online

Our media department has produced a 90 second video that demonstrates the steps for making an online donation. For our members who have never made an online donation, we hope that the video will help them. You may wish to forward this video to members in your area before the Holy Day offerings: