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Compass Check - Winter 2020 Edition

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Compass Check - Winter 2020 Edition

This issue of Compass Check is focused on practical advice and wisdom learned from personal experience.

In the article, “Losing Control,” our editor shares some of his personal experiences as a young driver and what they taught him not only about driving a car, but about how to handle life. Then there’s the upcoming winter holidays, that bring up the inevitable question, “Why don’t you keep Christmas?” You’ll find an article where another of our staff shares the first time he had to answer that question, along with some helpful advice of how you can.

For the football fans among us, there’s an article about Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russel Wilson, answered his father’s challenge of “Why Not You?” In it, you’ll learn how he answered that challenge and overcame his relatively small size and other odds to be one of the premier players in the NFL. That article, along with “How Do I Truly Know If God Is Calling Me?” might help answer the question that I know many of you have wondered, help navigate your journey as a young Christian, and answer life’s ultimate call.

As always, email compasscheck@ucg.org with any questions or suggestions.