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Feast of Tabernacles Survey

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Feast of Tabernacles Survey

If you registered for the Feast this year, you should have received an email with the subject titled, “United Church of God -- 2020 Feast of Tabernacles Survey”. 

There are three potential surveys to fill out for those that either attended a live site or connected virtually online. 

If you both attended a live Feast site, but also connected to a webcasting Feast site, then you are welcome to fill out both of the surveys or all three.  Each member of a family is encouraged to fill out the surveys.

1. General Feast of Tabernacles Survey
2. Festival Survey for those “Celebrating the Feast Online”
3. Festival Housing Survey

The surveys only take a few minutes and are very beneficial for future planning.   If you didn’t receive the email, then go to feast.ucg.org and scroll down to the updates.

Please complete the surveys by Sunday, November 15.