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Initial Statement on Stephen Allwine Situation– United Church of God

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Initial Statement on Stephen Allwine Situation– United Church of God

JANUARY 17, 2017: United Church of God, an International Association, officials expressed profound shock and sadness in learning of the January 17 arrest of Stephen Allwine of the Church’s Twin Cities, Minnesota, congregation on charges of second-degree murder of his wife Amy Louise Allwine. Two months earlier, on November 13, 2016, Amy had been found dead at her St. Paul area suburban home by police and paramedics following an emergency call from her husband.

Church officials in Cincinnati, Ohio, and local Twin Cities congregation members, were first stunned and grieved when they learned of the tragic death of Amy in November. After hearing of the tragedy, Church president, Victor Kubik, and his wife, Beverly, immediately traveled from Ohio to Minnesota to be with family members and show support during a heart-rending time for the Church’s Twin Cities congregation. Allwine had served as a lay elder there for several years.

President Kubik has called for renewed prayers for the families involved as details of the charges emerge. He said that the whole situation was “tragic and singularly devastating.”

Area police noted in their initial public comments that Amy’s death appeared “suspicious” and promised that an expanded investigation would take place. Allwine was not arrested nor named as a suspect at that time. During the investigation local church officials positively cooperated with police and law enforcement officials.

Church teachings based on the Bible condemn murder, and the United Church of God follows the teachings of Jesus Christ about the sanctity of marriage and the importance of loving family environments. “Given our biblical commitment and our love for our members, this situation deeply hurts and grieves all of us,” Kubik said. The Church president asked for prayers of comfort, healing and understanding for all.