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United Youth Corps - Guatemala

Jun 30, 2016 -
United Youth Corps is seeking 10 individuals who are passionate about working with children, showing them love and affection and who are willing to stretch outside of their comfort zone. Once selected, applicants will be involved with planning activities for the project. These Youth Corps participants will join young adults from Guatemala to work together at Eagle's Nest Orphanage. Team members should be able to maintain a positive attitude when faced with uncomfortable conditions, and be able to adapt to a changing schedule. Proficiency in the Spanish language is extremely helpful.

COST: Room, board and ground transportation to and from the orphanage will be provided by Good Works. Participants are expected to provide their airfare costs and several extracurricular activities (costs will vary depending on location of origin). Scholarships may be made available based on need.

Please see the fact sheet and apply at:
UCG Youth Corps

Deadline to apply is September 9, 2016.