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Challenger East 2016

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Challenger East 2016

Do you feel too plugged-in, online and connected to your digital tether?

If you're ready... come with us and step outdoors, away from your indoor, smart phone, flat screen routine--and enter the adventure zone of God's green and glorious creation. Are you ready for the challenges of true physical and spiritual pioneers? Ready to learn or rekindle the true pioneering skills of the campfire, plus the basic tools of wood, stone and steel--and experience personalized fly-fishing instruction? Ready and longing to recapture the true spiritual values of the incredible wisdom of God's Word? Then you are ready for the small-group experience of Challenger East this summer in early August.

Challenger East is a 5-day, young adult (ages 18 to 30-something) camp set along the gentle current of the Little Beaver Creek flowing through the beautiful wooded hills of eastern Ohio from August 10 to 14. Join us for this memory-building excursion into the primitive and pioneer skills of your ancestors, plus a fascinating, leadership-based, study of the historical pioneers in the true faith that Jesus Christ delivered to the our spiritual ancestors, the prophets and the apostles.

The tuition, equipment details and application are available athttp://uyc.ucg.org/camp/challenger-east. We still have a few spots open and the application deadline is July 15. Apply this week, or e-mail or call Challenger East director Randy Stiver at randy_stiver@ucg.org for more information.