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Pastor Letter (January 8, 2021)

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Pastor Letter (January 8, 2021)



Pastor Letter (January 8, 2021)


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Pastor’s Letter January 8, 2021


                   Oh No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  










                  Angry Show of Force                                                                          Storming the Capitol

                       Can A House (Nation) Divided Against Itself Stand? 

Impeach President Trump!    Stop the Steal!     Down with Antifa!      Occupy the Capitol Building!

Fight corruption!     Sue Sidney Powell!       Resist the Left!      Resist the Right!       End MAGA Now!

Antifa staged the violence!     Antifa did no such thing!    Stop the Green New Deal

Free Flynn!     Make peace at any price with China & Iran!   Ad nauseum… I won’t attend his 

Inauguration    These people are unredeemed deplorables!   I’ll never speak to the POTUS again

                                  Is There Life After Unbridled Division ?


                                          What Is Really Most Important


      Millions of Americans were moved by the slogan of Make America Great Again, and yet others are equally moved by downplaying American exceptionalism in order to integrate European and Asian nations. However, we must know,  and we must remember, that in comparison to what various people advocate for the U.S., no movement, no political agenda, no march and no vision is as significant or as important to us as the proclamation of the coming Kingdom of God.  

      The coming Kingdom of God will not tolerate corruption. It will be in the secure hands of its soon-coming King – Jesus Christ. While we have previously maintained a passive acceptance of this fact, it becomes more important than ever to now proclaim the Kingdom of God with passion and in-depth understanding.  This nation and world in its present direction cannot possibly hope to remedy all of man’s problems and bring people together.

      When Christ returns, He will force man to surrender his resistance (Zechariah 14) to God’s government.  His rule will emanate from Jerusalem, (Isaiah 2:2-4 & Micah 4:1-4) and man will beat his swords into plowshares and not learn war anymore. People will utilize God’s Holy Spirit and replace war with endless acts of kindness. Man will be shocked to learn what he has been missing. The time may likely come when bitter arch rivals will become close friends. The nations of this world have so much that they can contribute to each other. Those who live into the Millennium and Kingdom of God will probably be shocked to watch the History Channel and learn how cruel previous generations of people were with each other. 

    If we can catch and maintain the vision of God’s wonderful and tangible future, we probably will find the upcoming years easier to take in stride. One day this nation will never have such disunity ever again.







      We expect a full house at the “farm” this Sabbath. The “farm” being a cottage in the forest of Havana, FL.) There are enough children now to begin a Sabbath School which we can have in an adjacent room. In addition, we are delighted to have the Api brothers with us and possibly Al Hicks and his wife from the Thomasville area. Court and Pat Greenfield will be with the brethren this Sabbath.

Vero Beach

      With reluctance we have to cancel services for Vero Beach this Sabbath since a number of brethren are fighting colds and possible virus. Just to be safer, we are postponing services until next week. 

      It is with a mixture of sadness and positive understanding that we note the recent death of Dodie Foster at the age of 93. Her ebullient personality was such an addition to the congregation! Here is a picture of her enthusiastically greeting Vic Kubik on one of his visits to the Florida churches. 










    We have several new people that may visit the Ocala congregation. Bob Orosz will be speaking there. Although she is a bit under the weather and probably will not be there tomorrow, we welcome Charlene Bratnick who has moved into the Leesburg area.

Ft. Myers 

      Last week we were privileged to have Fred Kellers give the sermon in Ft. Myers. This week we will have the opportunity to hear from elder Jim Kocher who, with his wife Sue, is spending December and January with us. Jim and I will be giving split sermons.



Besides this, I need to tentatively plan for a trip to the Bahamas for mid-March. However, we know that much could happen between now and then. Our lives are in God’s hands as we continually rely on him to bless our efforts.

      As usual, we all wish each other a profitable Sabbath.