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World News and Trends: Lack of guidance in making moral decisions

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Lack of guidance in making moral decisions

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In a recent poll, American adults were asked what guiding sources they used in making ethical decisions and moral choices. Surprisingly, nearly half replied that they didn't know. About one in four said moral decisions were based on their feelings, and nearly 15 percent indicated lessons from childhood. Only a paltry 13 percent based ethical decisions on the Bible.

Do these astonishing figures help explain why so many are mired in a chaotic world of immorality? The first step out of this morass is to establish the fact that the Bible is true and a reliable and authoritative guide to human conduct—the basic beginning point for right standards and values.

To understand the true basis for morality and ethics, request our free booklets Is the Bible True? and The Ten Commandments. (Source: Barna Research Group, Ltd., report, "How American's Faith Has Changed Since 9/11.")

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