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World News and Trends: Recession deeply disrupting American life

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Recession deeply disrupting American life

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As discouraging as this latest recession has been to many, we have not seen the end of it, as indicated by various sectors of society and our economy. And it's having some repercussions not immediately evident.

A Sept. 22, 2009, Associated Press article points out: "The recession is profoundly disrupting American life: More people are delaying marriage and home-buying, turning to carpools yet getting stuck in ever-worse traffic, staying put rather than moving to new cities."

The article quotes Mark Mather, associate vice president of the nonprofit Population Reference Bureau, as observing: "The recession has affected everybody in one way or another as families use lots of different strategies to cope with a new economic reality. Job loss—or the potential for job loss—also leads to feelings of economic insecurity and can create social tension" (ibid.).

The article notes that marriage has also suffered as a result of the recession: "Nearly one in three Americans 15 and over, or 31.2 percent, reported they had never been married, the highest level in a decade ... The never-married included three-quarters of men in their 20s and two-thirds of women in that age range. Sociologists say younger people are taking longer to reach economic independence and consider marriage, because they are struggling to find work or focusing on an advanced education."

A turn to God and His Word can provide the answers America needs to right its self-inflicted wrongs (Deuteronomy 8). (Source: Associated Press.)