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World News and Trends: Resurrecting a 'dead' EU constitution

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Resurrecting a 'dead' EU constitution

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Several months ago the French and Dutch peoples decisively rejected the European Union's proposed constitution in referendums. Yet according to an article in The Sunday Telegraph, the European Commission "effectively insists that the provisions
of the Charter [of Fundamental Rights] be enshrined in all new EU legislation."

Said Chris Heaton-Harris, a Conservative MEP (member of the European Parliament) from Britain : "This shows that the Commission has no intention of taking any notice of the voters in France and the Netherlands, who decisively rejected their blueprint for a federal super state." Brussels bureaucrats were further accused of cherry-picking certain parts of the proposed constitution and sending them through the back door.

Liam Fox, Conservative British shadow foreign secretary, firmly stated, "I have repeatedly made clear my fear that the EU is determined to ignore the results of the two referenda and instead press ahead with the implementation of many elements of the constitution treaty."

British journalist William Rees-Mogg recently underscored Conservative Party concerns with a feature article appropriately titled "Wake Up! The EU Is Stealing Our Freedom" (The Mail on Sunday). He firmly stated: "One of the principles of the 'dead' constitution was a serious move towards a federal criminal justice system for Europe . A single European criminal justice system would be a huge victory for Eurofederalism and a huge defeat for British justice."

Most do not even notice decisions giving " Brussels the right to introduce harmonised criminal law across the [European] Union , which all member states are required to adopt." Mr. Rees-Mogg went on to explain that "piece by piece, the Eurofederalists have been taking over powers that the constitution would have given them."

This is not how true democracies are supposed to function. But it is exactly how some bureaucracies tend to further their agendas. (Source: The Sunday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday [both London ].)

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