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World News and Trends: The Arab uprising and Iran's hostility toward Israel

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World News and Trends

The Arab uprising and Iran's hostility toward Israel

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The Jewish Chronicle's political editor, Martin Bright, reported: "One of Britain's top spies has described the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood [centered in Egypt] as ‘at heart a terrorist organisation' and labelled Hamas and Hizbollah as surrogates of the Iranian state" ("Britain's Former Spy Chief: MI6 Kept Secrets From Israel, Hamas Iran's Puppet," April 1, 2011, emphasis added throughout).

Dearlove personally said: "I, for one, have absolutely no illusions about what the Muslim Brotherhood is, or can be. It can be a social organisation. It can be a political organisation. But it is at heart, in my view, a terrorist organisation."

Bright reports him as adding "that the Muslim Brotherhood was by far the most organised political movement in Egypt." Dearlove spoke of both Hamas and Hezbollah in terms of their behavior toward Israel as "Iranian surrogates."

Extreme Islamist elements, particularly in Iran, still want to eliminate the Jewish state. Some countries in this region still have not recognized Israel. We should not forget these hard facts. (Source: The Jewish Chronicle [London].)