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World News and Trends: Threats to Israel

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Threats to Israel

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Several serious threats continue unabated, increasing in intensity: Namely, the widespread misrepresentation of Israel by the world's media, the modern secular inquisition, the jihad against Israel's very existence as a nation, the blatant anti-Semitism among Islamic extremists and a softer version indulged in by too many apparently friendly countries that ought to know and do better.

Although surrounded and beset by other hostile forces, the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran remains Israel's foremost security worry. In this instance everyone wants sanctions to work, but the track record shows that they rarely inhibit rogue nations bent on harmful mischief from carrying out their evil purposes. That puts Israel in a very precarious position.

Author Jerome Corsi stated in the concluding chapter of his book Why Israel Can't Wait, "Still, in the final analysis, Israel is a 'one bomb' state such that one atomic bomb, even of a relatively low yield, detonated successfully over Tel Aviv, Israel's business, banking, and telecommunications center, would destroy the modern Jewish state as the world knows it" (2009, p. 102).

Caroline Glick's Internet report shows that the Obama administration has been pursuing secret negotiations toward moving the peace process forward between Israel and the Palestinians. One key element calls for virtually handing over the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians. Here is Glick's frank evaluation: "By calling for Israel to cede the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians, US President Barack Obama is ignoring the most fundamental reality of the Middle East: Israel is besieged by its neighbors who seeks its destruction. Without the Jordan Valley Israel would become the modern day equivalent of Czechoslovakia stripped of the Sudetenland in 1938. It would be utterly indefensible" ("We Are Not for Sale," posted Nov. 5, 2010, originally published in The Jerusalem Post).

The so-called "land for peace" solution has rarely worked out for Israel in the past. Why would it now?

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