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World News and Trends: U.S. concern over Mideast threats

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World News and Trends

U.S. concern over Mideast threats

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It is clear that "Tehran's military chiefs are intensifying their drive to acquire nuclear technology." At the current rate estimates are that an atomic arsenal could be a reality within five years.

But nuclear weapons are only part of the problem. Iran is also building a biological arsenal. Said The Sunday Times: "Both the CIA and the Israelis believe that military scientists working for the Islamic regime in Tehran have developed a deadly [biological warfare] aerosol that can be carried by a terrorist." This is in addition to known stocks of anthrax and botulism northwest of Tehran.

Libya has also given sufficient grounds for anxious concern. According to another Sunday Times article, "Libya is stepping up construction work on the largest chemical weapons plant in the world in defiance of American threats to bomb the facility to prevents its completion." Washington is reported to be engaged in urgent dialogue with its allies about how to deal with the Libyan threat.

Events in the Middle East are not at all promising. Biblical prophecy indicates this critical part of the world will be the focal point of crucial happenings, particularly in the 11th chapter of Daniel. (Sources: The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times.)