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How do I subscribe to email updates?

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How do I subscribe to email updates?

You can subscribe to email updates at ucg.org/email-subscribe

I tried to subscribe to the email list, but I got an error message saying that my "email address was already subscribed to list UCG.org - Email Updates & Newsletters". This indicates that your email address is already subscribed. Please check for email messages from us in your inbox and depending on your email setting in your spam or junk box. Be sure to allow (not block) this email address ucg_update_notification_admin@ucg.org.

Update Email Settings

1. Open the last sent email message and find the link "Update your email profile & preferences". Click on it.

2. On the "Change Your Preferences" webpage you will be able to update your profile information and email preferences. This includes adding or removing which updates you would like to receive.

Unsubscribe Email Address

If you would like to unsubscribe from our email list then visit our unsubscribe email webpage.