Campers: No Deposit, No Return!

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Campers: No Deposit, No Return!

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The Pepsi-Cola Company led the soda industry in the use of disposable bottles decades ago. The earlier bottles were made from thicker glass. In addition to the price of the drink, consumers paid a returnable “deposit” of a few cents on each bottle. When the empty bottle was returned, the retail store returned the deposit to the consumer. Each bottle was used numerous times.

The new throwaway bottles were constructed of thinner glass but in a similar shape to the old returnable bottles. Sometimes it was difficult at first glance to tell one type of bottle from the other. To make the difference obvious, disposable bottles were manufactured with four words in raised glass letters that read, “No Deposit, No Return.” These bottles could not be returned for a deposit.

Some have used the words “no deposit, no return” as a metaphor for life. In other words, if we want to reap rewards in life, we have to pay for it. If you are reading this issue of Compass Check, you are probably thinking seriously about applying for camp. Let’s consider: What deposits are you willing to put down? What returns can you expect to take home with you?

Deposits—what you put in

Applications—remember the May 1 deadline! Each camp director will need your complete camper application, photograph, health history and your tuition payment. It is important that you send in the paperwork by the stated deadline.

Preparation. The time leading up to camp involves a lot of preparation. Clothing, gear and other items on packing lists need to be gathered. Money for tuition has to be earned. 

Commitment. Make a commitment to come to camp, to have a good camp and to make as many friends as possible. Happiness is largely a choice that each of us makes, so determine to be happy at camp!

Giving. Consider what you can bring to camp to give to others. Set your mind to give others the gift of a wonderful camp experience. If you want to have a miserable camp, think only of yourself. So think of others—this will pay big dividends back to you.

A positive attitude. Prepare your attitude for camp. Come with a positive “I can do it” attitude. Determine that you are going to fully participate in the camp program.

Returns—what you can expect

Memories. Good memories are worth their weight in gold. Few things are as enjoyable as looking back and reminiscing about good times with friends. Imagine how much fun it will be years later to laugh and tell old stories from camp with one of your fellow campers.

Encouragement. Having just one other person who believes in you and supports you can have a tremendous impact upon anyone. Encouragement is highly contagious, and it stays with you as you go through life.

Friendships. Camp offers you the return of making friends who will be your friends through life.

God’s way. Christian living classes, Bible studies, Sabbath messages, compass checks, dorm meetings and late night dorm chats will further define God’s way for your life. God’s way always works. The more we learn of it, the better we can live it. The way of God leads us in a fulfilling and challenging life.

Vision. Camp offers the chance to gain a greater vision of God’s Kingdom. Camp is like a secluded oasis in the middle of a harsh world. Imagine a world that starts and ends each day with prayer, filled with fun activities, fellowship, and people getting along with each other because they are living God’s special way of life.

You will receive from camp in proportion to what you put into camp. We hope that you will choose to apply to one or more of our United Youth Camps. As you do, please remember the words— “no deposit, no return!”