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To Do After the Pandemic

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To Do After the Pandemic

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To Do After the Pandemic

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Stay healthy!

Don’t take my health for granted. 

Stay in good physical health and use proper hygiene.

Continue properly washing my hands!

Get enough sleep.

Take more walks.

Have good relationships!

When a kind thought about somebody pops into my head, don’t stop myself from saying it to them.

Don’t leave important things unsaid.

Reach out to people I don’t normally talk to.

Share my life and experiences with the older people at church.

Get to know our neighbors.

Call/FaceTime my friends and loved ones I can’t see in person—don’t just text!

Smile and be friendly to people just because.

Don’t take my parents or grandparents for granted—write to them more often.

Maintain a close relationship with God.

Serve more!

Remember the shut-ins and write to them, call them or visit them.

Sacrifice my time, energy and resources to help my community.

Be mindful of how my choices and actions may affect others.

Make extra time to help others, especially the elderly and needy.

Say thank you even (especially!) for the little things people do for me. It might have been a big thing to them.

Value the right things

Allow myself to like what I like—don’t be embarrassed by what others think is “cool” or what I’m “supposed” to like.

Discern what’s truly important, from the high perspective of life in the long haul: God, family, meaningful relationships.

Don’t take my health or other material blessings like reliable transportation, employment, an education, a warm home in the winter, etc. for granted.

Learn to enjoy the “boring” parts of public life—errands, shopping trips, picking up or being picked up from school, etc.

Be grateful for church services!

Improve myself and use wisdom!

Read more, watch less. 

Dress up.

Don’t save my nice things for “special occasions” that never come.

Think ahead and plan for hard times; save a cushion, be wise with my resources; have a plan for what I’ll do in an emergency.

Remember what Mr. Rogers said: “Look for the helpers. There’s always someone helping.”

Reevaluate my priorities and values according to God’s Word.

Be a little more aware of what is happening around the world.

Model the behavior I want to see in others.

Use this crisis as a motivation to change directions toward God and/or away from negative influences in my life.

Achieve something I’ve postponed doing for years.

Don’t let up on my prayers once the worst of the crisis is over.

Be adaptable when I face uncertain times.