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Greetings Brethren,

The Branson feast site is preparing for your arrival to celebrate God’s wonderful Feast of Tabernacles. I am sending this email to remind you of several things that you will need to know prior to arriving at the feast site.


Our schedule is available on our Branson, MO feast website. Please download it if you wish, and it will also be in our brochure. We do not have an evening opening night service, but will begin services at 10:30AM on Monday, September 24, 2018. We will have two service on the Holy Day.


We do plan to project hymn lyrics on the screen during our services. Of course, you are welcome to bring your personal hymnals if you prefer.


On Youth Day, Thursday, our children's choir will be performing. In conjunction with this we wish to distribute any donated stuffed animals to all the children attending the Feast. This will be done after services. Donations of stuffed animals (preferably a millennial type animal), should be taken to Information by Wednesday after services.


The offerings that we give to God on the Holy Days are a vital part of our worship of God. We show our thankfulness for God’s generosity, as well as our spirit of generosity.  In preparation for the Holy Day offerings, please use the special Holy Day offering envelopes which were mailed to you. If you do not have an envelope, you may obtain one from an usher before services. All checks should be payable to the United Church of God. Please be sure your name, complete address, and amount of the offering are on the outside of the envelope.


Seating sections in the auditorium are similar to the past few years. We have adequate seating for everyone and we are keeping the number of reserved seats to a minimum. Please find comfortable seating in the open seating areas and respect any reserved areas. Thank you for your cooperation. Please do not take food or beverages into the auditorium.  Fragrance free seating will be available in the balcony. Please ask an usher for directions to the balcony entrance.

Generally, there should not be a need to arrive before 9 AM to save seating. Unless you have official duties in the auditorium, please remain in the lobby or outside until the auditorium is open around 9 AM.

Please plan to keep our voices very low in the lobby prior to services, as we are conducting teen and youth classes upstairs in the Mezzanine on several days throughout the feast.

After services we need to vacate the facility by 1:30 PM. On Holy Day afternoons, we need to vacate the facility by 5:30 PM.

Your assistance is requested to look around your seating area before leaving for any personal belongings and also please pick up any litter in your area.


God intends the Feast to be a time of spiritual and physical rejoicing.  Although we all have the opportunity for a spiritually rewarding Festival, we would like to make it possible for everyone to enjoy Feast-time physical activities.  If you have extra second tithe, perhaps you might consider making a donation in order to help other brethren and families participate in our group activities including Family Day, the Senior’s Luncheon or teen activities.

A box for donations will be located at the Information Booth. Also, if you need a little help to attend the above activities, please contact Joe Dobson or Lonnie Johnson, so we can help make such arrangements.

This “Family Helping Family” program is being sponsored at all U.S. and Canadian Feast sites.


Our very successful and enjoyable Family Day Picnic will be on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018 from 1:30-4:30 PM at the Picnic Shelter at Table Rock State Park. Table Rock State Park is located south on Hwy 165/265 just across the Table Rock Lake dam. Maps are available at the Information Table.

Our grillers are looking forward to serving you! Come and meet new brethren as you enjoy a BBQ of hamburgers and hot dogs! Please bring a side dish of your choice. Drinks will be provided.

There will be games for all! This allows greater opportunity to get acquainted with our church family. Donations for this event are welcomed. Come and enjoy a great afternoon.


All seniors (age 65 and over) and their spouses are invited to a special seniors’ activity on Wednesday, Sept. 26, from 1:00-4:00 PM. The activity will feature plenty of fellowship, a bountiful buffet luncheon and entertainment. Lunch will be served shortly after 1:00 PM. Please come regardless of your ability to pay.

For planning purposes, we need to know how many will be attending. You can reserve your space by picking up tickets from the booth to the left of the stage on Tuesday. Anyone wishing to donate to help defray the cost of this activity may do so at our "Families Helping Families" donation box at the Information Table.

The luncheon will take place at the Lions’ Community Center, located on E. Hwy 76 about a mile east of downtown Branson (as shown on the map). Need a ride? Please sign the list at the Information Table. If you can give a ride, check the list and please work out the details.


We are praying for safe travels for everyone and for God's blessing on the entire festival. 

Joe Dobson / Branson FOT Coordinator