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How to find more Feast of Tabernacles sermons online

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How to find more Feast of Tabernacles sermons online


We hope you are enjoying this year's Feast of Tabernacles and are finding spiritual nourishment and encouragement through the messages, articles, and webcasts. If you are looking for a particular message that you enjoyed hearing before or if you would like to find more sermons to enrich your observance of the Feast, all posted sermons and sermonettes from previous years are available online. Some Feast sites are posting their messages at the conclusion of services each day, and many will post all of their messages at the conclusion of the Feast.

To find Feast of Tabernacles sermons and sermonettes, go to Click the "Advanced Options" link just under the Title field. (If you're on a mobile device like a phone or tablet, it'll be under the Congregation field.) In the "Type" dropdown, select "Feast Sermon". Click the brown "Apply" button. The list of messages will then be filtered to show only sermons from Feast of Tabernacles sites across all available years. If you want to find sermons from a particular site or year, type that into the "Congregation" field and click the "Apply" button. For example, if you wanted to find all of last year's Feast sermons, type 2017 into the Congregation field and click Apply.