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Weather Update and Special Options for RVers, Campers, Tenters, & Rustic Cabins

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Weather Update and Special Options for RVers, Campers, Tenters, & Rustic Cabins


Greetings from Montana! 

It is currently (Atonement afternoon - October 9th, 2019) snowing in Helena and many other parts of Montana. We are expecting the weather to improve but the weather maps show the snow moving east. This will likely impact those driving to the Montana feast site. Currently at Hungry Horse, Montana, where the Feast site is located, the temperature is 34 degrees. The low tonight is expected to drop to 12 degrees. is showing the weather for Hungry Horse to improve in the days ahead.  HOWEVER, it looks like temperatures will still be cold at night - dropping to around 28-32 degrees at night, and highs in the low 50s for the beginning of the Feast.    This is certainly the coldest weather we’ve had for the Feast in Montana.

Hungry Horse Weather:

For those who have attended the Feast here at Glacier Bible Camp in the past, this year we will be meeting in GLACIER MOUNTAIN LODGE Conference Room rather than the Tabernacle. It will be a little tight, but much warmer and has bathrooms in the same building. Carpeted floors, windows, and the same comfortable chairs.


I have been in discussions with Cal Dyck, the Camp Director at Glacier Bible Camp. We are concerned about two things:  First, that it will be too cold for people to be in tents. Second, that those pulling trailer or driving RVs may not want to do so if you will encounter winter road conditions.   He has very graciously made the following offer to those that are camping (Tents, trailer, RVs or the rustic cabins) and would like a warmer option and are concerned about the cost of upgrading to a family style room in either Midway Lodge or Teakettle lodge.   He has authorized me to upgrade you to a family style room in Midway or Teakettle for the same price you will pay for at tent or RV space or for a rustic cabin (ie a cabin without bathroom). These rooms have two sets of bunk beds and one queen bed platform. (ie each room will sleep a family of six.)  You still need to bring your own bedding and towels, and you will still be sharing common men’s or women’s washrooms on each floor.  These rooms are heated. This would also eliminate the need to go outside to walk to a building with a bathroom. We should have plenty of family style rooms to cover any who want to make this upgrade.

I am hoping that we are getting this information out soon enough so you can decide if you want to take advantage of this option and upgrade to a family style room.  This would also mean some of you will not need to pull your trailers or drive an RV in potentially harsh winter conditions. If you have any questions, please call me at 406-410-0162.

NOTE: I know for some this might mean you wouldn’t have a place to prepare your own meals. I am still working to see if we can come up with an option for this. If this is a concern or consideration for your family, please contact me. I’m confident we can find a solution.

Please call or email me if you want to take advantage of this upgrade option.


I know some may feel the need to cancel due to uncertainty about road conditions between where you live and getting to the Feast in Glacier Country. We certainly understand your concerns and don’t want anyone to take unnecessary risks, so please exercise wisdom.   IF you do decide you need to change your plans, please let us know - ESPECIALLY if you have signed up for meals in the dining hall or are staying on-site.   We certainly want to be sure we fill the rooms in Glacier Mountain Lodge. So, if you cancel your plans due to weather, PLEASE send me an email or call me so we can make necessary adjustments regarding meals and accommodations. 

Again, please contact me if you have any questions on any of these issues. If I’m not available or you don’t get through please leave a message. (We will be leaving for the Feast site tomorrow - Thursday - and drive through some areas where cell coverage is sketchy.)

We look forward to seeing you at the Feast!

Warm regards,
Dan Deininger
406-410-0162 (phone or text)