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1) Sabbath, October 3, 2020 / Building front doors will be open at 9:30 AM. Those needed for set up can enter earlier.

2) Holy Day Offering Procedures / Collection Boxes will be available.

3) Those wishing to sit in “Mask Only” section need to enter the Right Entry Door to the Auditorium from the Lobby.

4) Those with Medical exemptions will need to enter the Left Entry Door to the Auditorium from the Lobby.

Thank you for your patient cooperation as we work out seating details.

            (Explained below)


We are meeting this year in a new theater, The Mansion Theatre, 189 Expressway Lane, Branson, 65616, which allows us to have greater seating capacity than our prior location at Presleys’. This will help us to properly adjust and provide a safe as possible setting for social distancing and seating for services and comply with the masking ordinance currently in place for the city of Branson.

This Branson city ordinance No. 2020-0072 can be reviewed at  https://www.bransonmo.gov/DocumentCenter/View/12751/Face-Covering-Ordinance-PDF . It was extended beyond the original ordinance until October 14, 2020. This ordinance applies to all public buildings in the city limits of Branson including The Mansion Theatre. To enter the building, we are asked to come through the main entry doors and into the lobby area with masks. The facility is required by law to enforce this masking order.

In the main seating section, we are permitted to remove masks once seated for services but expected to use them when entering, exiting and moving around in the theater. Exemptions include children under the age of 13, those medically unable to wear a mask, those performing or engaged in public speaking on stage and are listed in their entirety in the Branson ordinance.

Since the main auditorium seats 2000, we are working with the theater staff to arrange social distance seating by skipping every other row and asking parties (party being family members or those who reside together) to leave 3 seats between themselves and the next party. The facility staff ushers and our volunteer ushers will be working very hard to assist everyone with seating. We intend to designate a section of the theater for “mask only” seating (where people wish to wear masks all the time while in the building). We also will assign a section on the other side of the theatre for those who have medical exemptions and are unable to wear a mask but wish to attend festival services with their family. The church asks all of us to wear our masks during hymn singing.

Prior to morning services each day and between our double services on Holy Days, the Concession area will be selling items. Please do not take food or beverages into the auditorium.  They will be serving coffee in the morning and will have sandwiches and other regular items from their snack menu during the noon break on the Holy Days.

Generally, there should not be a need to arrive before 9:30 AM. Unless you have official duties in the auditorium, please remain in the lobby or outside until the auditorium is open around 9:30 AM.