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Daytona Beach Sep 23 Update: Items to Note for the Feast -- Please Read

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Daytona Beach Sep 23 Update: Items to Note for the Feast -- Please Read




Daytona Beach Sep 23 Update: Items to Note for the Feast -- Please Read


To:        All Daytona Registrants
From:   Rick Shabi
RE:        Items to Note for the Feast

Good afternoon to everyone registered for the Feast in Daytona;

It is hard to believe that one week from tomorrow night (Friday, October 2) the Feast of Tabernacles will begin with the Opening Night service at 7:30 pm in the Ocean Center.  I hope you will all plan to be there.  

As you prepare to leave for the Feast there are several items you need to be aware of, so please read through this entire letter, as I will briefly be discussing several pertinent subjects, including some things you need to bring with you or do before you leave.

1.  Family Day at Daytona Lagoon.  If you have not already purchased tickets for Family Day at the Lagoon, and you are planning to go, please plan to purchase them this week, if possible, using the Pay Pal pin available under posts at the Daytona Feast site at feast.ucg.org.  This was sent to you this past Sunday.  We have a sizable commitment to the Lagoon, and we are 70% of the way “there.” As an FYI, the Lagoon has offered an option whereby the entire Children’s Castaway area would be open on Family Day.  If this is something your family would like, let me know, and please go ahead and purchase your tickets.

2.  PARKING PASSES.  There is a designated parking lot for Feastgoers at the Ocean Center.  It is the West Lot, and it is accessible from Auditorium Blvd or N Hollywood. Parking attendants will be on duty, and you must have a parking pass on display on your automobile dashboard to enter the lot.  I will email by separate email that parking pass to everyone who is currently registered for the Feast site.  Please print it off and have it available in your vehicle.  If you do not have the pass, you will be asked to park elsewhere, where the cost is $10 per day.  

3.  MASKS.  We are asking everyone, whether you plan to sit in the Masks Only Room or not, to bring a mask with you.  The Ocean Center has confirmed to me this morning that they will not require masks to be worn in the main seating area (the Exhibition Hall), but if you enter the Ocean Center through the South Entrance or are in any hallway or common area of the Ocean Center you MUST have a mask on, with NO EXCEPTIONS.  From the West Lot there is direct entry into the Exhibition Hall, and there is a drop-off area with Special Services crew available at the entrance to the West Lot off Auditorium Blvd.

4.  MASKS ONLY ROOM.  For those who will be seated in the Masks Only Room, which is Meeting Room 102, you will want to enter the Ocean Center at the South entrance (main entrance) to the Center on Auditorium Blvd, midway down, before you reach the West Lot. There is a drop-off area there, with a Special services crew on duty.  You will park in the West Lot, but you may want to walk from the lot back to the South Entrance rather than walking through the Exhibition Hall.  Anyone entering through the South Entrance MUST HAVE A MASK ON and keep it on.  It is an absolute requirement, with NO EXCEPTIONS.

5.  Anyone walking to the Center from nearby hotels or condos may enter the Center from the Atlantic Blvd entrance if it is open, but you MUST WEAR A MASK as you enter the building and you must keep it on.

6.   HYMNALS.  We plan to project lyrics in both the Exhibition Hall (main meeting room) and Masks Only Room, but you may decide to bring your personal hymnal with you.  Extra hymnals will not be available at the Feast.

7.  ACTIVITY SCHEDULE.   The Schedule as it stands now is attached.  It reflects all services times and currently scheduled activities. 

8.  You will note that a WHOLE GROUP (Feast-wide) Dinner is planned for Wednesday evening (October 7) of the Feast, before the scheduled Bible Studies. This is the first time something like this has been scheduled, and it will be an opportunity for everyone at the Feast to eat together.  (Yes, the Center is big enough for this).  The dinner will be catered by the Ocean Center.  All seating and tables will be in compliance with current restaurant COVID dining guidelines.  This will also serve as the Seniors Dinner.  Tickets for this event will be available beginning Sunday morning during the Feast.

I think that is enough to absorb for right now.I will likely provide another update in the next few days, so keep watching for updates.Certainly, if there is anything I have failed to mention, or any help I may be, email me and I will be happy to respond.

We are looking forward to being with all of you at the Feast. I have no doubt that this will be the “best Feast ever” for us as we gather together before God this year.

Rick Shabi
Daytona Festival Coordinator