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Final Update and Reminders

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Final Update and Reminders


Dear Daytona Feastgoers:

Many of you are on your way to Daytona or are already there.   The Feast is just about to begin!

As we prepare for Opening Night and the first holyday, let me remind you that Opening Night services are at 7:30 pm on Friday evening, October 2.   Holyday/Sabbath services on October 3 will be at 2:30 pm.

Please read through this entire email so you are aware of what you need to know as we prepare to gather:

1.    There will be two drop-off points for passengers who need assistance into the hall

A.    For those who will be seated in the Masks Only Room, your drop-off is on Auditorium Blvd, at the main entrance to the Center, halfway “down” the building.  This is called the South Entrance.  Special Services staff will be stationed there.

B.   For those who will sit in the “Main” seating area, your drop-off point will be off of Auditorium Blvd at the entrance to the West Lot.  Special Services personnel will also be available there to assist you.

2.   The West parking lot is where everyone will park, as we have contracted for its exclusive use during the Feast.  Please have your parking passes (previously distributed by email) on your dashboard.  If you don’t have that for the first few services, just let the attendant know you are with the Feast of Tabernacles and they will let you in. 

A.    There are two entrances to the West Lot.  One is off Auditorium Blvd which intersects with Atlantic Ave, which is the main thoroughfare.  Use this entrance if you are dropping someone off or are coming from south of the Ocean Center.

B.   The other entrance is off N Hollywood.  Coming from north of the Center on Atlantic Ave, turn right onto Earl Street, then left on N Hollywood, and the entrance will be to your left a short distance ahead.

3.   There is handicapped parking available close to the Center.  If you have a state-issued handicap tag, please enter the West Lot from the Auditorium Blvd entrance.  If you do not have a state tag and signed up or need close parking, please see the Special Services crew upon your arrival.

4.   Masks or face coverings.  The current mask guidelines in Daytona are that masks are not required when outdoors, but are required when you enter a business, including restaurants.  PLEASE BRING A MASK WITH YOU EVERY DAY TO SERVICES.  To comply, we ask everyone to wear a mask when entering either through the South Entrance or into the main hall.   Once in the main hall, masks may be removed (if you prefer). 

5.   Hymnals.  As a reminder, we plan to project hymn lyrics, but if you want to use a hymnal, you will need to bring your personal copy.  No hymnals will be distributed or available at the Feast.

6.  Hard of hearing.  If you are hard of hearing and need a headset for services, please go to the sound booth and discuss this with the crew.  We have a limited number of hard of hearing headsets, but should have enough for those who indicated this when registering. 

7.  Seating.   The seating in both the main area and Masks Only Room has been set according to distancing guidelines.  Chairs have been set with couples in mind, but families are free to move chairs together to fit their family needs.   When doing so, please ensure there continues to be six feet distance between the chairs in front and behind you, and to the side.  Please see the ushers for assistance. 

8.   Masks during hymns.   A while back, the Home Office advised that masks would be required in all US sites during hymn singing.  Later, the advisory was amended to allow this decision to be made from site to site, based on the prevailing local conditions at that time.  In Daytona, we are providing a Masks Only Room with a separate entrance for those who prefer to wear masks all the time.  In the main hall, the Center has advised that masks may be removed as long as we remain in that room.  Seats have been set with social distancing in mind, and we will endeavor to maintain those standards.  Accordingly, masks will be optional in the main hall, including during hymn singing.  

9.   As you check into your hotel, condo, or rental house please be advised that the Church will need to document room nights in order for the Convention Bureau to reimburse the Church for costs of the parking lot.  We will talk more about this at the Feast, but if you booked through VRBO, AirBnB, or are staying at a hotel not listed in the Feast brochure or under the housing tab at the Daytona Feast site, we would like to have a copy of your receipt when you leave the Feast so we can document room nights.  Again, we will talk about this more later.  This is for your attention as you check in so you may make the establishment aware.

Thank you for your attention.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

One more thing:  If you plan to attend the Whole Group, pre-Bible Study dinner on Wednesday evening, please let me know by email tonight, if possible.  The Center’s caterers tell me they would like to order the food by the end of the week.   

May God be with you all on your travels to Daytona.  We look forward to spending this Feast with all of you.

Rick Shabi
Daytona Feast Coordinator