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Feast of Tabernacles in the British Isles (Hopefully Southport) 2020 About Us

Please read the following statement carefully relating to deposits paid to the Prince of Wales Hotel -

In discussion with personnel at the Prince of Wales Hotel, we agreed that it would be impractical because of the current Covid-19 situation to hold the Feast of Tabernacles there this year (2020), and instead to go there next year (2021) . 

Considering this we were hoping that the hotel would consider a goodwill gesture of refunding the deposits to members who cannot be in Southport next year, or are unsure as to their future Feast plans.  The hotel have said they are unable to do this and the deposits remain non-refundable as stated in the original contract when people made their bookings.

All deposits paid to the hotel will remain valid for next year. Those who booked their Feast accommodation at the Prince of Wales Hotel this year have had their deposit automatically rolled over to 2021, so no further action is required by members in the short-term.

Also, it may be possible to transfer a current booking to new person instead thus enabling a person not planning to be in Southport next year to receive their deposit refunded in a different way.  BUT we must point out that this is a long-term solution and it will not be possible until the planning for next year is well underway and we can find out who is planning to stay in the hotel but has not already paid a deposit.