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Covid-19 Protocols for the United States

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Covid-19 Protocols for the United States


US Negative Covid-19 Testing Requirements for International Travel

Starting January 26, 2021, all travelers (age 2 and older) including U.S. citizens and residents, will be required to present a negative viral COVID-19 test taken within 3 days prior to departure on their U.S.-bound flight itinerary. [Note:  This can be an antigen or rapid test.]

See details from the CDC here:

Sample FAQs (from CDC)

Q: Where can I get tested?

A: See our U.S. Embassy pages on how and where to get tested in the country from which you are traveling. [Note:  Some countries are testing at local hospitals, clinics or at various hotels right onsite.]

Q: How many days must the negative COVID-19 viral test be taken prior to attempting to enter the United States? Is it 3 calendar days from departure or arrival in the United States?

A: If you are arriving on a direct flight to the United States, your test must be done within the 3 calendar days before your flight to the United States departs. If you are arriving to the United States via one or more connecting flights, your test must be done in the 3 days before the first flight in your itinerary, but only if the connecting flights were booked as a single passenger booking with a final destination in the United States and any layovers no longer than 24 hours. If your connecting flight to the US was booked separately or a layover in your itinerary lasts longer than 24 hours or your travel is disrupted and you leave the airport, you will need to get tested within the 3 days before your flight that arrives in the US.

Q: Is there a specific type of COVID-19 test that must be taken?

A: You will need a viral test (NAAT or antigen test) to determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19.

Q: Are there any exemptions or special circumstances in which a traveler does not have to provide a negative COVID-19 test?

A: Please visit the CDC’s website for a list of limited exemptions:

Q: I am traveling with an infant. Does the baby also need a negative COVID test?

A: All air passengers age 2 and older need to provide negative test results. Children under the age of 2 do not need to provide negative test results.