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Families Helping Families


Earlier this year we requested financial donations so that our Jamaican Brethren could stay 4 nights at the Iberostar hotel instead of staying offsite the entire Feast.  The response was tremendous and was a complete success!  We reached our goal, and we were even able to spread the members out and not have to put as many members in each room.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  The brethren have been moved by your generosity and are appreciative from the bottom of their hearts. 

We no longer need your financial donations in this area; however, if you have any extra of the following sitting around your house looking for a home, it will be welcome in Jamaica:

  • Electronics (Phones, laptop, tablets)
  • Clothing/Shoes (All Sizes)
  • School Supplies/Bibles/Eye Glasses
  • Toiletries
  • Suitcases/Backpacks/Bags

If you have these items, please bring them to the Feast and we will organize the distribution to the brethren.