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Important notes on use of photographs on this website

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Important notes on use of photographs on this website


(To actuate this link:

1) Press the keyboard 'Ctrl' button and click on the link with the left hand button of your mouse to take you to the web page concerned; you can then select & download the photos & videos from there (right click on a picture to see the options for downloading, or see the menu structure for group downloads).  

2) If that does not work for any reason, please paste the link (complete, no spaces!) into your web browser bar and press the 'Enter' key to take you to the relevant web page).

General Notes: 

1) The link above is to my MS Onedrive private web page storage location.

2) All of these photos and videos are provided to the Church, brethren & their family's (only) as a service and are free to be used by the Church, e.g. in publications, etc., or the brethren, for their photo libraries.  In other words they are provided on a continuing license and royalty free basis.

3) This link will cease to operate after 30th April 2022, so please complete any downloads required prior to that date (when its gone its gone!).

Re. Privacy, etc.

As advised I attach some guidance notes below re. respecting the privacy of others and the use of the pictures and videos on this link. You may choose to circulate these notes as you see fit. I would urge you to include them however, (or similar comments) with the issuing of this link to the brethren. The press is full of issues concerning leaks of private information from a gathering number of organisations (such as Facebook). Therefore, to protect the individual's privacy (and indeed the Church's) everyone should be reminded of the seriousness of such potential disclosures and the damage they can do to individuals and organisations alike, if inappropriate use or leaks occur.

Guidance notes re. respecting the privacy of others and the use of these pictures and videos:

1) The photos uploaded onto this website are mainly of the brethren and it is essential therefore that people's privacy is respected, particularly if you are downloading photos of others at the feast. This is all part of the Christian ethic of caring for one another. 

2) Downloaded photos from this link, certainly in general, should not be circulated or placed on social media sites without due care and consideration (once put on them it is difficult to remove them!). You may wish however to put pictures of you and or your direct family onto such sites, but not of anyone outside your family; unless the individuals concerned have expressly agreed that you can do so.

3) The photos put onto the website (which only Church members or their families will be given access to, via the above link), are for your enjoyment and the photos downloaded should be stored in each person's / household's photo library / data store.

4) These photos & videos, in short, should therefore not be placed on public websites and the privacy of people outside of and if relevant, within your family, needs to be protected (particularly that of children).  This is to ensure that the Church and or any person who is in these photos or videos are not placed in any kind of an embarrassing situation. Therefore, please ensure that you treat this matter with the utmost gravity and care.