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Social Activities


We are looking forward to getting together very soon at the Feast of Tabernacles in Southport and this is an update on our social plans, so far.

Our Welcome evening is planned for Tuesday evening, after the First Holy Day, and is an opportunity for everyone to get together. As well as a time to meet and chat with others, we have organised a quiz, a children's treasure hunt and a few side tables with items of interest, one of which will be a jigsaw swop. If you are up for a new challenge please bring your old jigsaws to the Feast for our swap table. 

It is short notice but if anyone has any ideas for other side tables or for any offers of help for the evening, please email Tania at tellams@gmail.com.

During the Feast, on an afternoon yet to be decided and weather dependent, we are planning an afternoon at the beach. Don't leave your bucket and spade at home, as we might be able to have a sandcastle competition; bring your imagination and enjoy the fresh air with others.

During the Feast, we are planning an art show with the theme of 'The Feast of Tabernacles'. Please draw a picture, anything to do with the Feast, and hand it in for display; this is for children or adults - if you would like your picture returned at the end of the Feast put your name on the back. Don't forget to bring your own pens or crayons. Some blank cards will be available at services if you need a card to draw on. 

Our final, last evening get together is still in the process of being brought together, so we will let you have more information during the week.

Please note, during the week there will be a photographer taking pictures around the place, so give him a smile!  

During our time in Southport there are two items of interest locally that you might want to check out:

The 'British Musical Fireworks Championship' (a competition of fireworks synchronised to music) is being held in Victoria Park, very close to the Prince of Wales Hotel. 

Check out the write up on visitsouthport.com. The competition runs over three nights, however, Saturday, 25th September, might be of interest as there are three shows starting at 8pm and Sunday, two shows starting at 8pm. 


Also whilst we are in Southport, there is a free exhibition called 'Discover Ancient Egypt' at the Atkinson. Check out theatkinson.co.uk website.

Discover Ancient Egypt - The AtkinsonThe Atkinson

Have a safe journey to the Feast and we are looking forward to seeing you all in Southport very soon!