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Special Music and Choir

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Special Music and Choir


Special Music Coordinator 

Our Special Music Coordinator this year is going to be Carmella Weis.  If you wish to provide Special Music during the Feast, please contact her at carmellaw@comcast.net.  She looks forward to hearing from you about your Solo, Group, Offertory or Instrumental piece.  Also, contact Carmella if you can accompany the Hymn Service in the ensemble.  

Adult Choir Director

The 2022 Jamaica Festival Choir Director is Ken Japhet and his email address is: ken_japhet@ucg.org.  Please email him if you have any questions or suggestions or if you have not heard from him. 

Children's Choir Director 

The 2022 Jamaica Festival Children’s Choir Director is Michelle Delamater.  Her email address is: michelle.delamater@gmail.com.  The music for the Children’s Choir can be downloaded from: https://www.ucg.org/members/feast/childrens-choir-music   If you have members of your household who wish to be in the Children’s Choir, please download the music and begin practicing now.  Email Michelle if you have any questions.