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Jelly Learns About Love

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Jelly Learns About Love

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Jelly Learns About Love

MP4 Video - 1080p (371.67 MB)
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Jelly and Mr. Jonathan are invited to Professor Puddy's Toy Shop to help him with an exciting new invention!  Join Jelly and friends as they learn about love!


[Jelly] I’m loving life! I’m loving my bike! I’m loving my life on my bike! Mr. Jonathan?

[Mr. Jonathan] Yes, Jelly?

[Jelly] Why are you riding your wife’s bike?

[Mr. Jonathan] Um. Oh, I see. Uh, it’s Miss Esther’s bike. Uh, mine has a flat tire so she let me use hers. The only difference you can tell is the bar’s missing. No one’s going to notice, so don’t –

[Man’s voice] Nice wife-bike!

[Mr. Jonathan] You know what?

[Jelly] That’s a doozy.

[Mr. Jonathan] I forgive you.

[Jelly] Why? That guy was as grumpy as a bumpy toad.

[Mr. Jonathan] Yeah, but you know, love is an action. Sometimes you just got to be nice to people even when they don’t deserve it.

[Jelly] Like God does with us, right?

[Mr. Jonathan] Exactly, yeah. Yeah, God even loves us when we mess up. Oh, there’s Professor Puddy’s Toy Shop.

[Jelly] I can’t wait to see all that he’s got! You think he’s got any rocket socks in stock?
[Mr. Jonathan] Maybe.

[Jelly] Hey, Professor Puddy, we’re here!

[Professor Puddy] Oh, hey! Hey, Jelly! Hey, Mr. Jonathan! Welcome!

[Mr. Jonathan] Hey, we’re here to help!

[Jelly] And to see if you’ve been working on anything new.

[Professor Puddy] Anything new? Anything new?! Does a cow go quack or a duck say moo? I’m always working on something new.

[Jelly] Like what, like what? I wanna see, I wanna see! Can you show me, please? Please? Please?

[Professor Puddy] Most assuredly. I have some inventions I think you’ll find cool, but put these on first – that’s the number one rule.

[Mr. Jonathan] Ah, for safety.

[Professor Puddy] Actually, no. I was just wondering if you guys looked as silly as I do in these. Yep. Drumroll, please! First up, the eraser remnant-sucker; wiffle rubber chicken ball; er, that was from my breakfast; the no-more-snotty-fingers; and now, for my finest invention, I’ve saved it for last. Let’s unveil it quickly before more time is passed. By the way, this is why I invited you here. Follow me.

So it’s a nantron four-capacitor hervo, with manifold automation and rotary expectors. N-4-C-H-0! He’s my robo-friend! I call him “Nacho” for short.

[Mr. Jonathan] Awesome!

[Jelly] Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

[N4CH0] Hello, organic friends. I am Nacho, your electronic bro-bot.

[Jelly] Hey, Nacho, I’m Jelly! I like bottle-nose dolphins, bananas, and bees that don’t have any stingers.

[N4CH0] I am pleased to meet you. I like algorithms, DJ Maxwell, and consuming a balance of healthy vegetables with a preferred main course of chicken-fried chicken.

[Jelly] Wait, did he just say what I think he said?

[Mr. Jonathan] He eats food?

[Professor Puddy] Most assuredly! Breakfast, brunch, dinner, and lunch! And I found an algorithm to use the nutrients in the vegetables to make an ethanol-based fuel, and the gravy rom the chicken-fried chicken lubricates his joints!

[Mr. Jonathan] Wow, that’s amazing! So tell me more about the gravy, does it matter –

[Jelly] Boy oh boy, we just might be BFFs! Chicken-fried chicken is the bomb dot com backslash delicious! Hashtag spicy!

[N4CH0] Hashtag spicy?

[Jelly] You know, I think God made food so yummy because He loves us so much.

[N4CH0] Love? Explain love.

[Jelly] You don’t know what love is?

[N4CH0] Negative. Human emotions do not compute. Is love similar to when a pesky cat enters the room and Professor Puddy tries to shush him away with a broom, and cat hairs float into the room, causing sneezing attacks and the Professor runs for his inhaler to rectify the situation?

[Jelly] What?!

[Mr. Jonathan] Um, pretty much the opposite.

[Professor Puddy] Oh, yeah. I couldn’t quite get the programming right. I asked you here today to teach Nacho about love. Will you help?

[Jelly] Yes! Yes! Yes! What a great idea! I want to sing. Does anyone have two turntables and a microphone? Huh?

[N4CH0] My robo-dog DJ Maxwell plays music.

[DJ Maxwell] Bow wow, bow wow.

[Jelly] Love is wonderful. It’s a feeling, but it’s also what you do –  it’s caring and giving and helping others. It’s what God is!

God is love always love,
His way living is caring and giving,
Oh, faith and hope and love abide,
But the greatest of these is love.
Love is patient love is kind,
Love doesn’t have to have its own way,
Love isn’t rude and love isn’t proud,
Love is peaceful and we say…

God is love endless love,
His way of living is caring and giving,
Oh, faith and hope and love abide,
But the greatest of these is love.
Love delights in what is right,
Love doesn’t like the things that are wrong,
Love will believe and love will hope,
Love will last your whole life long.

God is love always love,
His way living is caring and giving,
Oh, faith and hope and love abide,
But the greatest of these is love.
God is love always love,
His way living is caring and giving,
Oh, faith and hope and love abide,
But the greatest of these…
But the greatest of these…
But the greatest of these…
But the greatest of these is love!


[N4CH0] Nacho understands love. Nacho loves you all! Nacho loves love! Thank you so much for teaching Nach – beep, boop! Maxwell! You leaked upon Nacho’s robo-boot! Those cost me 14,000 chip-robos!

[Professor Puddy] Oh. Yeah, I’m going to have to fix that oil leak.

[Jelly] Don’t forget to show love, Nacho!

[N4CH0] Thank you, Jelly. I love you, DJ Maxwell the robo-dog.

[DJ Maxwell] Bow wow, bow wow.

[Professor Puddy] Oh yeah, I’ve got one more thing to show you!

[Jelly] What is it?

[Professor Puddy] It’s the Big-inator!

[Jelly] This is awesome!

[Professor Puddy] There you go, Jelly, back to normal size. Sorry about that.


  • jeannethorne
    very enjoyable and so much fun to learn in this environment! It is truly awesome that this crew takes the time for the children and some of us parents get a kick out of this! thank you so very much for all your hard work!!! Jeanne Thorne, Orlando crew!!!
  • Rudy Rangel
    Thank you Jeanne! It is such a fun project. We have our own kids and it has been fun to see how much they learn! If you want to see all of the videos you can find them here: https://www.ucg.org/members/kids#jelly Be on the lookout for a new video summer 2020!!
  • Tina Cason
    Just wanted to say we all loved the video. It had the whole family laughing! Thanks for all of the love and hard work that goes into getting these videos together. We really appreciate it!
  • Rudy Rangel
    Hey there Aparent, I appreciate you comment. As one of the producers of this video we were cautious of that term as well when working on the script. Being a parent myself I wanted to be sure as well and did some research. When we looked up the origins and after a staff discussion, we felt it was harmless enough to use. In the future we’ll consider the dialogue even more carefully. Thanks for your comment.
  • A Grandma
    Hi, i really enjoyed this show. The "toys" in the toy store provide wonderful demonstrations of the scientific marvels of God's creation and man's inventiveness, and I loved the use of Mark Graham's song! When my boys were young, we faced the challenge of acceptable exclamations. It's a natural part of communicating to use such phrases, as well as a good discussion point with kids. I was also surprised by the Monkeys Uncle phrase, but thought it was a great choice as a nonsense phrase. So easy to enjoy saying without a hint of blasphemy! A simple discussion of its silliness could involve picturing what a monkey's uncle really is - am I a monkey too? Take it farther into evolution terms and you have another discussion to demonstrate the silliness. My kids & I developed our own nonsense exclamation when they were young, which I think helped them to avoid picking up the popular blasphemy they heard continually in this world. I know from my own youth how easy it is to adopt those words and phrases without thinking about it and with todays media, it's much harder to avoid blasphemy. I vote for harmless nonsense phrases that will stick in young minds instead!
  • Aparent
    Thank you for your consistent production of high quality and topical videos that are engaging and educational for our children. I was so excited to see a new one and on such a relevant topic. I was surprised to hear Jelly exclaim "well I'll be a monkey's uncle". This seems inconsistent with the spirit of James 5:12 "let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay" and similarly the 3rd commandment. Such exclamations are common alternatives to taking God's name in vain or cursing. As Christians we ought to remove ourselves as far from such practices as possible. My child will not be watching this video. We combat too many examples of such speech outside our home. I hope you will consider whether you feel this accurately reflects God's values. Thank you for considering this, your efforts to educate our children shows a commitment to sharing Gods way with them. I hope you will read this in the spirit in which it is intended.
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