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Jelly Learns There's Nothing That God Can't Do

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Jelly Learns There's Nothing That God Can't Do

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Jelly Learns There's Nothing That God Can't Do


Jelly and Mr. Jonathan attend a church campout deep in the woods, but Jelly has a bit of trouble falling asleep.


Jelly: Mr. Jonathan. Hey, you up? Mr. Jonathan. Mr. Jonathan, you awake?

Jonathan: That's not my hat. What's up? What's up? What's up, Jelly?

Jelly: Do you think God has eyebrows?

Jonathan: What?

Jelly: Eyebrows?

Jonathan: Jelly, I don't know. Good night, buddy.

Jelly: Because I don't. Do you think God likes the spicy nuggets from Wendy's?

Jonathan: I don't know. I don't know the answer to that one either. Sorry, buddy. Good night.

Jelly: Do you think God wears pants?

Jonathan: Okay. Jelly, it's way past lights out.

Jelly: My mind is running. I've got so many questions. I can't sleep.

Jonathan: Well, Jelly, I'm up now. Why don't you ask me a few?

Jelly: What does God look like? How old is He? Does He sleep? Does He eat? Does He like carrots, Fruit Roll-ups, chili dogs, tacos, steamed broccoli? I don't like steamed broccoli. Can He see me in the dark? What if I'm under a bed in a Winnebago? Does He like Crème brûlée? Everybody likes Crème brûlée. Who created God?

Jonathan: Okay. Those are quite a few questions, Jelly. Let's start with the first one.

Jelly: Oh, I got a bunch more God questions. It's Pastor Steve.

Pastor Myers: Hey, guys. What's all the ruckus about? Everything okay?

Jonathan: Hey, Mr. Myers. Sorry for being up past lights out. Hey, maybe you can help. Jelly is having trouble sleeping.

Pastor Myers: Trouble sleeping, Jelly? Well, what's on your mind?

Jelly: Exactly. Can God read my mind?

Man: Shoosh.

Pastor Myers: Well, He knows what you're thinking.

Jelly: Does He know what I'm thinking now? How about now? Now? Now? Now? Now? Now?

Man: Shoosh. Would you please stop the chatter?

Jelly: How about now? Does He know what I'm thinking now?

Meyer: No doubt He knows.

Jelly: Cookie dough. I was thinking about cookie dough. Licking the beaters. It's always a cookie dough.

Man: Hey. Shoosh. Just shoosh. My wife and I have two paddle boat tours in the morning. The weather is supposed to be very pleasant. In fact, I hear it will be unseasonably mild. We should have a very lovely time if we could just get some proper sleep, please.

Jelly: Well, what if 23 people all pray at the same time, can He hear everyone at once?

Pastor Myers: That's the amazing part, Jelly. God can hear every person on earth at the same time. Do you know why? There's nothing that God can't do. There's nothing that God can't do. There's nothing that God can't know. He made this great world all around us.

Jelly: Sure, He is nice.

Pastor Myers: He designed you from your head to your toes.

Jelly: I like toes.

Pastor Myers: He was there in the very beginning. ..

Jelly: That's old.

Pastor Myers: ...and He'll be around without an end. He constantly brings us wonderful things and He wants us to be His friends.

Jelly: I like that.

Pastor Myers: So, Jelly, are you ready with more questions?

Jelly: Oh, I might have a lot.

Pastor Myers: Fire away.

Jelly: Can God hear everything, like when all of us sing?

Pastor Myers: He can hear everything that He wants to.

Jelly: Can He see everywhere if I'm under a chair?

Pastor Myers: He sees everything that He needs to.

Jelly: Do we know what He looks like?

Pastor Myers: Well, kind of like us. Oh, but everything is perfect and bright.

Jelly: Does He care about me?

Pastor Myers: He knows the hairs on your head, gives us our daily bread. And when it's all said...

Together: There's nothing that God can't do.

Jelly: It's true.

Pastor Myers: There's nothing that God can't know.

Jelly: It's so.

Pastor Myers: He wants us to live the way He does, so He shows us the right way to go. If we believe Him and trust and obey Him, like a father, He'll care for us all. He knows all that you do, He'll watch over you. He sees every sparrow that falls.

Jelly: Poor sparrow. I hope he is okay. I got more questions, questions?

Pastor Myers: Well, go ahead.

Jelly: Does He have a favorite color? I really like red.

Pastor Myers: Red is one of God's favorite colors.

Jelly: Are you for real? Does He have a favorite food? Bananas, I hope.

Pastor Myers: He made bananas. They are a wonderful thing.

Jelly: Does He have a favorite animal, like a bottlenose dolphin?

Pastor Myers: He invented dolphins. Aren't they great?

Jelly: Does He have a favorite person? I was just wondering.

Pastor Myers: Well, Jelly, now, it really gets interesting because everyone who draws near Him, He wants in His family. Every woman and man, it's all part of the plan.

Jelly: You mean we are His kids?

Pastor Myers: You could say that.

Jelly: I did.

Pastor Myers: And someday we'll be in His Kingdom.

Jelly: Me too?

Pastor Myers: Yep. And everything good will come true.

Jelly: Wow. Really?

Pastor Myers: Until that day, there's so much we could say. Oh, but, Jelly. I'm telling you... There's nothing that God doesn't know.

Together: There's no one that God doesn't love.

Pastor Myers: And there's nothing...

Together: ...nothing, nothing that God can't do.

Man: Really? An entire musical number? I have to admit though, it was a rather catchy tune. I was so moved by the song, I woke my wife up, and I was wondering if you guys would sing it again. Jelly, Jelly. Oh...


  • Meredyth
    This message is for the entire Beyond Today ministry; I really enjoyed watching the clip with Jelly's questions during his camping trip. What a wonderful way to begin a conversation about God or simply keep God relevant in a young child's mind. Absolutely a job well done. I hope Beyond Today plans on creating more great clips for the youth like that one. Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with us all. I really appreciate what you do and I'm so thankful that once upon a time, God directed me to your website with all of the fabulous resources you provide. Once again, thank you. Keep up the great work. In Jesus' Almighty name, I pray that God blesses your ministry for many many years to come. You've become a beaken of light in a world full of questions pertaining to God and His Kingdom. Because of the work you've done and continue to do, I've been able to grow wiser where it matters most. Because of your ministry, I've been able to get support where there hasn't been one continuous mentor, (besides God Himself), in my life. I imagine God has smiled down upon your accomplishments feeling proud of it all. Sincerely, Meredyth Derochick of CT
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